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7 Simple Tips to Make a Fashion Statement You Must Know

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Between our hectic routines, balancing family commitments and careers, it is not easy to find time to get all the right outfits and accessories to dress up stylishly every day. It almost seems impossible especially when you have kids and people to take care of. But, don’t let your inner fashionista die. With some simple and easy-to-follow tips, you can make a fashion statement every time you step outside!

We have asked some of our favorite divas about their fashion secrets and they have unlocked some of the easiest hacks to style up flawlessly. While looking up eastern dresses in the USA, I found some amazing fashion advice from eastern fashion bloggers. It helped me come up with this quick checklist of how to pull off stylish looks every day!

But the game doesn’t end here even if you know these 7 tips to make the right fashion statement. Because while you are at it. It’s not easy to do what’s being said. So, the point here is that before you read them out. Have the patience to practice and experiment before you can perfect them.

7 Quick Ideas to Look Uber Chic

Thanks to social media for highlighting the trending fashion trends. More and more people try to make an effort to stand out from the crowd and become trendsetters. Let’s make a major fashion statement with these effortless tips:

  1. Fit/Cut.
  2. Unexpected Twists.
  3. Trendy Take on the Classics.
  4. Make Your Outfits Look Stunning with Three Key Pieces.
  5. Maximize Your Collection of Shoes.
  6. Impress With Great Hairstyles.
  7. Confidence.


To look charming and flattering, try a denim flare dress. A fit-and-flare dress can look absolutely stunning without involving much effort. May it a key rule to invest in pieces, which extenuate your body shape and highlight your best assets. The beauty of fit-and-flare dresses is that they work for every size and shape. If you end up finding this style in some interesting fabric or print such as denim or colorful pattern, you have actually struck gold. Pair this dress with a straw bag and summer wedges to look your effortlessly stylish.

Unexpected Twists

Think different! It is safe to stick to the trending styles but if you have a good sense of fashion, then don’t hesitate to experiment. For instance, boyfriend jeans are considered ideal for androgynous or a slightly masculine look. But the beauty is fashion lies in its various interpretations. Come up with an unexpected twist and people will suddenly notice you. For instance, add a delicate and feminine twist and pair them with a feminine, white blouse and accessories in the shades of light pink. Think out of the box and make the whole look more edgy by pairing it with a chic leather jacket. Remember that with an unexpected twist, you will leave a lasting impression.

Trendy Take on the Classics

A big fan of classics? It’s time to have a trendy take on them. The outfits, which are inspired by the past are perhaps the best to make a fashion statement. For instance, matching short sets, which became popular in the ‘50s are a great idea. They are understated and stylish, which is why they have made a huge comeback. The new sets created by contemporary brands are super cute, different, and attractive. Pair them up with chunky-heels and a straw hat to add more flair. So, getting retro with a flavor of today could turn out to be your perfect fashion statement.

Make Your Outfits Look Stunning with Three Key Pieces

Are you one of those people who hate complicated and fast-changing fashion trends? They look like only celebs and models can access them and pull them off perfectly. Guess what! The three-key-pieces rule can make any outfit you wear worth noticing. Those three pieces could be anything of your preference. It could be a pair of face-flattering sunglasses, a gorgeous handbag in genuine leather, or an incredible pair of shoes. These were just a few instances. You can choose any as per your preference and according to what suits you the best.

Maximize Your Collection of Shoes

Invest in your footwear range. Why? Because even the simplest of outfits can look stunning if paired with a gorgeous pair of shoes. And this requires no hassle of matching. Get more pairs, which fit any occasion and are not season-specific. For instance, a pair of black pumps with a pointed-toe is considered essential to wear around the year. If you are into heels, get neutral-hued and flattering designs to go with any occasion and outfit. The shoe collection is as important as any other part of it. As, if they don’t look appealing they will ruin your expensive dress.

Cut the long story short, invest in shoes, which are season-less, super flattering, and wearable with any type of outfit.

Impress With a Great Hairstyle

If you are not great at hairdos and you think that you cannot accomplish Pinterest-worthy hairdos, consider following online tutorials. Your hairstyle can make a huge difference to your overall look. Even if you have basic skills with the hairdos, those stepwise video tutorials and a little practice will make your look create glamorous hairstyles. Try the unique trends such as weaving silk into the braids for a fancier look.


Even if you are clad in a designer dress and accessories from top to bottom, if you are not carrying them with confidence, you will not look stylish. The key to making a fashion statement is pulling off your outfits with confidence. Not many people are capable of this.Whether you are rocking denim on denim, an understated chic dress, or a flowy dress, carrying it confidently will make it worth noticing. Own your unique personal style and try new and trendy things according to your comfort. For instance, I chose one of the Pakistani wedding dresses to wear at my cousin’s wedding. I received so many compliments on carrying it so exquisitely with a plain dress and nude heels. You can do the same.

Happy dressing!

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