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5 Reasons to Use Wood Wedding Rings

Wood Wedding Rings

For romantic pairs looking for one-off, stunning, and eco-friendly wedding rings, wooden bands are their best bet. Whether the jewelry piece is made entirely of cedar, apple wood, and walnut, or designed from metal with wood inlaid, there are some benefits of using these jewelry items for men and women.

According to an article published on https://us.cnn.com, for lovebirds willing to go down on their knees, they can pick from a range of engagement or wedding rings than they can imagine.

Wooden Wedding Rings

Here are the five benefits of wooden wedding rings for brides and grooms:

Exclusive designs

When you shop for wedding wooden rings, you get a one-off jewelry item that you can call your own. Instead of opting for full metal rings, wood looks unique and classy, especially inlaid varieties onto the metal. Some subtle designs and patterns stand out from the standard rings available in the market. As far as unique design is concerned, you can choose from ceramic colors, overlays, and inlays.

Easy on your wallet

Wooden wedding rings or bands not only look stunning but also easy on your budget. Yes, these items will not cost you much if you have financial constraints. These days some couples do not like to shell out thousands of dollars on pure gold and diamond-studded rings for their wedding but look for something that symbolizes their love and bonding for each other. That is why wood rings are your best bet if you are on a budget.


These days some rings are made from recycled wood or that comes from any sustainable source. It makes wooden rings more eco-friendly than the standard ones you get to see in a jewelry store. If you are looking for a ring, which is sourced ethically, then opt for wooden rings to contribute to a greener environment.

Non-allergic to skin

Wooden wedding rings are a perfect choice for people who’re allergic to metals. A bride, who is allergic, thinks that she will not be able to wear a ring without being allergic. Nope! There is nothing to worry about because women allergic to gold or any other metal can buy beautiful, stunning wood rings for their big day. No more worries about a skin rash or her finger turning green.

Designed in matching sets

When it comes to other ring materials, you will have to settle for the same design, color, and pattern most of the time. That is not the case when it comes to wood rings made in matching sets. You cannot be more perfect each other when you have a unique symbol of romance and love engraved on the wood ring.

You can engrave your name or that of your partners carved on the wood ring. Initials also look great. There are plenty of options when it comes to wood rings for men and women. You can splurge on wooden wedding rings if you have the budget. You can opt for metal inlays studded with precious gems like diamonds, rubies, or emeralds.


Try these tips when you go shopping for wedding or engagement wood rings. Make an informed buying decision based on your requirement and budget.

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