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5 Best Technologies For Daily Use

In the past, where phones and computers were non-existent, living an average day was simple. An analog watch, umbrella, maybe even a compass, were all the things you need to go about your day. But today, in this technology-driven world we now live in, it’s quite different than what it used to be.

We’re now living in the age of technology. When you’re living in the city, it’s nearly impossible to complete your day without some sort of device to aid you. The question is, which technologies do you really need for practical daily use? If you want to know what devices you should get your hands on to, here are our top technologies for everyday use.

1. ) Smartphones

Remember the very first smartphone ever? We’re not talking about the first ‘smartphone’ created in 1992. The one Apple released; the iPhone. People went crazy when the first concept of the smartphone was launched into the world. Imagine being able to listen to music, take pictures, make calls, all in one compact device?

Let’s face it, we can’t live without smartphones; or at least, will be very difficult to live every day without one. Truth be told, and an average person going out with just a smartphone in his/her pocket is more than enough.

Smartphones have evolved to more than the usual camera, calls, texts, and music. Now, you can write emails, schedule meetings, do video calls, book taxis, food delivery, and the list goes on. You can even measure your heart rate with your smartphone. The fantastic things that you can do with it are endless. That’s why it’s the top of our list.

2.) Tablets

Tablet devices are next on our list. Bigger than smartphones yet smaller and more compact than laptops. Most people use this as an alternative to laptops due to portability reasons. They’re easy to carry, takes less space in your bag, yet doesn’t disappoint in performance.

Tablets are useful, especially if you’re into interior design or architecture. Their larger screen sizes make them perfect sketch pads. Tablets are also helpful for students since they can do homework, take notes, and study with them. It’s useful for business presentations and work-related tasks. Even watching movies and shows on tablets is good too.

3.) Smartwatches

Who would have thought that watches could now do more than just telling time? Smartwatches are like mini smartphones, strapped to your wrist. They are a trend nowadays, and they’re also one of our best techs for daily use to recommend.

Smartwatches can take calls, send messages, and other tasks you can do with a smartphone. They are portable and compact, yet gets the job done. Try to canvass and browse through the latest smartwatches in the market. Buying yourself one can prove to be an excellent investment to add to your array of daily drivers.

4.) Laptops and Netbooks

Many people still prefer laptops and netbooks over tablets as their daily driver. Although tablets are indeed alternatives, they still can’t be considered as replacements. Tablets aren’t quite there yet when it comes to heavy tasks like video editing or rendering.

Laptops have features like file management and desktop browsing that are compatible only for them. Not to mention there also PC exclusive software and apps that are not available on smartphones or tablets.

If you need a bigger battery and storage space, laptops are better suited for you. You can also go with the lighter netbooks if weight is an issue for you. All in all, laptops are still one of the best devices you can use to finish daily tasks.

5.) The Internet

Probably the greatest technology ever discovered. The four things mentioned above are useless without an internet connection. Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and laptops are built around this.

Most apps need the internet for them to work, so devices like pocket wifis and mobile data are essential. Making sure you have can have access to a good internet connection is important to maximize the use of your devices.


The purpose of technology is always to make our lives easier. We are now able to do things that were once just wishful thinking because of technology. We can definitely expect more technologies to improve our daily lives in the future.

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