4 Skills Marketers Should Develop in The New Era

We all know that marketing is the crux of business activities. Marketing tactics have the power to make or break a business. Hence, having a solid marketing strategy is critical for a business’s success. However, only having a marketing plan isn’t enough for the job. You need efficient marketers who will ensure the marketing plan yields desirable results.

There are specific skills marketers need to develop to become good at their job. However, as the current market and customer dynamics are rapidly changing, these skills are evolving simultaneously. Traditional marketing is no longer in demand. People are becoming more culturally and socially aware. Therefore, maintaining inclusivity is becoming increasingly crucial for marketers. Today, marketers have to remain up-to-date with the changing consumer behavior and varying demands of customer segments. To effectively do so, they have to cultivate emerging skills and develop a sound understanding of the latest industry practices.

Let’s discuss some essential skills every marketer should develop, given the new era’s changes.

Communication skills

Being able to communicate effectively with your buyers and stakeholders is crucial for marketers. That is because communication establishes the base of your relationship with customers, and strong customer relationships are an essential business element. Hence, all marketers should have excellent communication skills to grasp audience attention and keep them engaged.

Unfortunately, marketers are becoming negligent of sharpening this essential skill, given the plethora of communication platforms and tools. They deem it irrelevant to develop their communication skills when software and apps are doing the job better. However, that assertion couldn’t be any farther from the truth. To captivate the audience, marketers must hone their communication skills instead of relying on communication tools and apps. These apps and platforms only serve as communication mediums; the real message is crafted and conveyed tactfully by marketers. Therefore, marketers must develop and expand their communication skills utilizing the plethora of online learning resources. A viable and beneficial option would be getting an online MBA no GMAT AACSB degree that enhances communication skills and other essential business skills.

Additionally, marketers need to build solid intercommunication skills because, besides clients and customers, they also need to communicate with their colleagues effectively. Consistent communication and messages with your team help to get work done faster. You will also need to communicate with the upper management and your boss. Therefore, you should also remain prepared to answer all the questions they might pour in during your meetings.

Writing skills

Content writing and marketing are interconnected. Without excellent and attractive content, there are meager chances of your marketing strategies to work. Therefore, writing skills are a must for all marketers. They should know how to craft a message that will immediately grab the reader’s attention.

Understanding the difference between blog posts, social media pages, and gated content is essential for marketers. All have varying writing requirements. Good marketers will be able to provide differing writeups on all desired destinations. Not only that, but they will also further be able to tell a captivating story via their content and writing skills.

Unique content doesn’t only help in attracting traffic to your web pages but also ensures that clients keep revisiting your site. Hence, having good content writing skills is vital for marketers.

Social media

A good marketer will know the cruciality social media holds today. Social media is the king of marketing, and there is no denying the fact. The way social media is revolutionizing the marketing game is incredible. Therefore, marketers who are social media savvy are at an advantage over others, taking their brands to new heights.

All marketers must be familiar with various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Additionally, they should also have a sense of the target audience, the number of followers, and regular posting. Furthermore, identifying each channel’s strengths and weaknesses and choosing the most effective channel(s) is vital. It ensures that your posts and content are getting the maximum reach and engagement.

Creativity and Innovation

Perhaps the most crucial skill every marketer should have is creativity and innovation. Repeating or altering the same old ideas will not work in the long term. If you want your marketing gimmicks to work, you need to think of something new and fresh. However, creativity doesn’t always mean going all out with advertisements. Instead, being creative is recognizing and catering to the audience’s underlying needs, wants, and expectations in your marketing strategies.

Your approach matters. Therefore, try and use more original and innovative ideas. However, it is also imperative to be cautious. Your offerings shouldn’t be offensive and hurtful towards a group of customers. As mentioned above, inclusivity is critical in marketing. If you make a small mistake, the entire brand might suffer severely.


A good marketer will possess all kinds of skills, whether they are related to technology, education, or management. The skills mentioned above essential skills required in marketers in today’s highly competitive environment. However, the list doesn’t end here. There are several more skills modern marketers need to familiarize themselves with, many they need to learn, and some they need to master.

Remember, marketing is a significant component of a business. And marketers with the most extraordinary skillset are likely to formulate the most effective marketing strategies that will help businesses succeed exceptionally.

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