4 Renovation Ideas for Modernizing Your Home

There is something majestic and alluring about old homes that seems to draw you to them. Perhaps it is their infamous ‘good bones’ or their homey feel that swanky new buildings sometimes lack. Whichever the case, these maybe some of the reasons why you chose your time-tested house.

Modernizing an old home could tremendously improve your living experience. Adding some modern touches, in particular, could give you the best of both worlds; the beauty of a colonial-style home and the comforts of a modern-day mansion.

So, where should you begin when modernizing a home? Here are some pointers to guide you.

Installing a Modern Electrical System

Electrical wiring in the 80s or even the 90s is a lot different from what is currently recommended for buildings. As such, while there may not be any problems with the wiring in your home, it may be outdated. You may experience challenges such as:

  • High electrical bills because old wiring is not optimized for power savings
  • Incompatibility of your electrical supply with modern equipment
  • Electrical faults due to depreciation of the house’s electrical system

It would be best to consult a professional electrician on getting new wiring for your home. They would be well-placed to advise you on current wiring systems and how much of your old system needs to be replaced. Where possible, consider installing a solar power system as it is a lot more affordable in the long-run and eco-friendly.

New Appliances

Once your wiring is updated to current systems, new appliances may work much better. Granted, old stoves are part of the colonial home aesthetic but they are much slower, harder to regulate, and consume lots of electrical power. Modern appliances, on the other hand, are designed with energy-efficient features and improved safety mechanisms.

As you choose your appliances, aim for models with high energy ratings as they are more power-efficient. Nevertheless, the whole idea of this renovation process is to enjoy modern perks right? So, look out for models that have features that would make running your home more convenient. Such features may include:

  • Automatic shut off whenever necessary
  • Child safety provisions, if you have children
  • Ease of cleaning

Introducing Smart Home Solutions

From Alexa to Siri, the internet of things seems to currently have a hand in most people’s lives. The main reason behind this is the convenience that smart home solutions have to offer. The best part is, you can incorporate them into your home only as much as you feel would be comfortable for you.

Some areas you could modernize with smart solutions include:


Lighting in a home is both functional and aesthetic. Smart lighting solutions come in handy by giving you control over your lighting through any smart device. Using a lighting app, you can:

  • Turn lights on and off
  • Dim or increase the brightness of light bulbs
  • Change the color of the lighting

For these effects to be possible, you would need a wifi connection, smart bulbs, and a smart device for control. Smart bulbs and lighting fixtures also differ in design; you could opt for single unit bulbs or track lighting which covers longer lengths. It all depends on the features and aesthetics you prefer.


Smart security devices are a great solution as they enable you to monitor different areas of your home at all times from wherever anywhere. For this, you would need a smart home monitor system that consists of smart cameras connected to your wifi and your smart devices. You would then have a live feed of either the exteriors or interior areas of your home.

Smart home monitors offer various features to match different needs and also depending on the model. That said, look out for helpful functions like noise and motion detection that prompts the monitoring system to send you alerts. High-level anti-hacking safety features are also a plus.


From toasters to fridges, smart appliances are now all the rage. You would enjoy:

  • Remote control of your appliances
  • Prompts when your laundry or food is ready
  • Appliance control apps through which you could easily diagnose faults

New Plumbing

Much like electrical systems, old houses often have outdated plumbing systems. They too may seem to work fine but they may violate modern plumbing regulations. Worse still, they may be exposing you to health risks like lead poisoning if they are made of now prohibited materials like lead or galvanized steel.

Old plumbing further presents a risk of water damage to your home. Leaks and weakened pipes bursting may eventually cost you a pretty penny. Suffice to say, upgrading might simply be the safer option as opposed to rolling the dice.

New plumbing systems are designed to conserve water and in accordance with health safety guidelines. A professional plumber should be able to guide you on the right kind of pipes that would be ideal for your home’s plumbing. Further, see this website for control valves that would help you regulate water flow in your home or shut it off during repairs.


Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to upgrade an old-style home without erasing its soulful appeal. The trick is to work on improving your living experience in the home as opposed to entirely remodeling the home into a whole new being. It is also helpful to work with professionals who understand your vision to preserve the style of the home.


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