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3 Types of Jobs That Your Electrical Contractor Can Do

Becoming a homeowner, after many years or renting, can be a major adjustment. Instead of just calling up the super, landlord or property manager when a repair needs to be done, you must handle it all on your own. You will have to see what the problem is and make sure you hire the right contractor or licensed professional for the job. It is also vitally important that you take care of ongoing preventive maintenance so that major systems in the home do not fall into potential disrepair. It’s all on your shoulders now.

Fortunately, you will be able to take care of many of the things that need to be done around the home. As you build up your mechanical and fix-it skills over the years, you’ll find that you can save money by taking care of repairs and some remodeling projects yourself.

Some projects, though, are far too complex and dangerous to tackle on your own. Electrical repairs or upgrades are a perfect example of that. When you work with electricity, it can be quite dangerous. If you make a mistake, you can easily be injured or even put your life at risk. And if the job is not done right, you could even cause a fire and lose your home.

Electrical Service Upgrades or Changes

When you have a service change or upgrade done by an electrician, it involves more than a simple change to the electrical panel in your home. The licensed professional will replace the primary components of your electrical service. This will include the panel and circuit breakers, the main wires that feed to your home, the feeder wire between the panel and meter, and the meter box.

It’s important to note the difference between a service change and a service upgrade. With a service change, the contractor will change all elements of the electrical service in the home to accommodate the same capacity. An upgrade installs bigger components which give you the ability to handle more amps of electricity.

Install a Whole House Fan

With energy costs soaring due to an expanding economy and world events, it’s nearly impossible to keep your utility bill under control. Higher temperatures due to climate change are also pushing up your summer cooling costs. If it has all become too much, you should consider installing a whole-house fan.

A reliable, local electrical contractor can install a whole house fan that can help rapidly lower the temperature in your entire home. When the outside temperature drops at night or is really cool in the morning, you open a door or window and the powerful fan draws in the cool outside air and moves it up to the attic to an outside vent. With the hot air pushed out, you’ll see a big drop in your summer cooling bills.

Electric Baseboard Heater Installation

It has become really expensive to heat homes in the winter too. The cost of traditional fuels has risen sharply, so it pays to look at more affordable alternatives. With electric baseboard heat, you can control the temperature in an individual room, thus saving energy.

With electric baseboard heaters, you get 100% energy efficiency. Your trusted electrical contractor will be able to take care of the whole installation and leave you feeling warm and comfortable all winter long.

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