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Visit The Most Beautiful Hill Towns In India – Attractions Of India

A great deal of nature’s diversity is spread over the mountains. Mountains are a combination of nature’s generosity and beauty. Mountains are lost in the sea of ​​thrill. The lush greenery of the hills, the fountains of song, the kaltan of the birds, the flowing of the river in the crystal clear waters, or the wandering of the beasts of the valley all enchant the mind. If a city is well-planned on such a beautiful hill, then that city also comes in contact with the existing shape of the hill towns in India.

Srinagar: Venice in the Heavens

Srinagar, which is surrounded by snow-capped mountains along the Jhilm River, is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. It has become one of the most popular hill towns in India because of the charming beauty of Srinagar. Srinagar’s main attraction is the beautiful Dal Lake. Shikara is a unique symbol of Kashmiri heritage found in the waters of the lake.

Shikara is a special type of boat made of wood, of various shapes and finely decorated. Sailing wolves in Dal Lake have become a symbol of Srinagar and Kashmir. At sunset, Dalek unveils breathtaking beauty. The floating vegetable market is also found in Dal Lake and Nagin Lake.

Another famous sight of Srinagar is the Mughal garden. There are three Mughal gardens decorated with green lawns, brightly colored flower beds and lush fountains – Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, and Chasamashahi Gardens. There are numerous spectacular installations including Jamia Mosque, Hazratbal shrine here you can get the most expensive hotels in India. Snow-covered mountains, immense vegetation and flower ceremonies, impeccable architecture – all together, if you go to Srinagar you will feel like you’ve really seen heaven on earth!

Nainital: the state of the lake and the mountains

The hill town of Nainital Hill, in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, lies at the foot of the Kumayun mountain range. The magical beauty of the Green Mountains and the Blue Lake has made Nainital one of the premier hill resorts in India. As beautiful as the pictures show, the city has many natural and historical landmarks.

Nainital is a popular tourist attraction, including the impeccable Nainital Lake, the high mountain Tiffin Top, the home of the famous literary Jim Corbett, the gurney house, the church Saint John in the Wilderness.

Darjeeling: The fascination of black tea

Who does not know the hill city of West Bengal, Darjeeling! Snowy mountains, vast tea gardens on the horizon, fascinating toy trains – all in one unique Darjeeling unique. Darjeeling is one of the oldest mountain towns in India, located in the heart of the Himalayas. Darjeeling’s main attraction is the snow-capped Kanchenjunga. Tiger Hill is the ideal place to visit Kanchenjunga.

When the first sunlight touches the Kanchenjunga peak in the morning, Kanchenjunga captures the most fascinating from Tiger Hill. That’s why you have to get up at three in the morning. On the way, you can drink a cup of hot tea. The expanse of this green tea garden has given Darjeeling a wonderful green assemblage. Other sights of Darjeeling include the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, the Japanese Peace Pagoda, the Rock Garden, the Zoo, and the Bantasia Loop, founded by the first Everest winner Sherpa Tenzing Norg.

Dehradun: School city in India

The hill towns that you read so far were famous for their charming appearance. Now, let’s say about a hill station that, despite its beauty, can support any major Indian city in terms of education. The name of the city is Dehradun.

Dehradun is located between two rivers at the foot of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Surrounded by forests and hills, Dehradun lacks natural beauty and has historic architecture. But not in the pull of beauty or history, people come to see education and research institutes in Dehradun.

There are many world-class schools in Dehradun. That is why it is called ‘The School City of India’. Besides, Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie, Masuri in Uttarakhand, Pahalgam in Almora, Jammu, and Kashmir, Gulmarg and many other hill towns in India. On the other hand, these mountainous cities have taken India’s tourism industry to its unique heights by pulling people from all corners of the globe with their natural beauty. They hold India’s millennial history, heritage, and culture.

Munnar: Kashmir in Kerala

The aroma of tea and spices will take you to another world of beauty. Munnar is so beautiful that its beauty cannot be overstated on canvas by an artist. There is no shortage of Munnar in the tea gardens, wide swathes of flowers, varied ornamental hills, sky hills, rivers flowing, crystal clear fountains, green forests.

There are also wildlife sanctuaries and tropical plants. Munnar is located at the mouth of three rivers. So there are also some dams. Munnar is the largest tea producing area in southern India. Munnar sights are in Araviculam National Park, Tea Museum, Matupati Dam.

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