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Types Of Brooches From Ancient to Victorian Era

Brooches are a piece of jewelry that is adorned on the right shoulders to complement the look of your traditional attire. There are different types of brooches available. You can buy the one that best suits your attire to look beautiful and unique from all in the party you attend. These are available in different shapes like circle, flat, frame, narrow and wide.

In addition, these are made of a wide variety of materials. Basically, brooches were used to hold the cloth together or make it perfectly fit better. These brooches are worn on the blazer lapels, on the collar, around the neckline, on the coat or jacket, in the hair or on the hat. This fashion accessory gives a final touch to your look.

However, wearing a brooch is not a new fashion trend, but is the trend that is there since ages. Today, it has regained the lost glory.

Here are a few types of brooches available. There include

Ancient brooches

These brooches are made of copper alloy. If you are interested in collecting or adorning these brooches to your clothes, you can buy them from online stores. However, to get this antique piece of jewelry, you have to spend a good amount of money from your pockets.

These types of brooches were available during 1-2nd century AD. This has a bronze strip with a pin catch to hold the clothes rigidly. This also has a coiled wire bar that is on the top. These types of brooches were worn during the roman period. This is called as Fibulae in the Latin language. This is not just a decorative piece, but is also used to fasten clothing.

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Medieval brooches

The medieval brooches were made of gold and Pewter materials. These were used as the style accessory in the 14th century. You can find the brooches that were used by the medieval period people in the online stores, but you have to pay a handsome amount of pay to add them to your accessory box. This was worn in medieval, gothic, fairy and geekery outfits. This is unique and rarely found in the market.

Anglo-Saxon brooches

This type of decorative accessory was found during 5th to 11th centuries. In this period, there are two different types of brooches that were famous. There include – bow brooch and the other is the disc brooch. However, the bow or long brooch has gone into oblivion in the 6th century. The circular brooches were widely used in the early 6th century. These are available in a wide variety of styles. These are in the continental style, which have later gained huge prominence in the Europe. The best examples of this type of brooches include fuller brooch, sarre brooch, Sutton brooch and Kingston brooch.

Victorian brooches: This decorative piece of accessory gives a royal look when worn on any of the outfits. These were found during 1837 to 1910. These types of brooches are made of alloy metal, porcelain and crystal rhinestone. These are perfect to wear for parties and daily wear. The best thing is that, it is a perfect match for all the outfits.

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