Top 10 Best Lock Screen Wallpaper for Android Phones

Wallpaper is an image used as a background or decoration of the graphical user interface (GUI) on the screen of a device. A lock screen wallpaper is the one which is displayed on the screen of an android when it is locked and the user or owner of the device has to verify the identity with the help of a security pattern, a password, a personal identity number (PIN), or through biometric methods which include fingerprint and face recognition.

The users put a variety of wallpaper on the lock screen. Some wallpapers are supposed to emotional motivate a user to achieve a goal, while others beware intruders or trespassers to stay away from the device in a sarcastic style. Some other wallpapers could be the favorite personality of the user, which may include an athlete, a footballer, or a showbiz idol. Some users are technology enthusiasts, so they put wallpapers of something like a coding GUI, a robot, or a supercomputer.

Some people are in love with writing, like me! So, they put wallpapers featuring keyboard, typewriter, notebook, or a pen. Some others would like to put their favorite quotes, dialogues from movies, or some lyrics of a song, anything which amazes them. A wallpaper is solely based on the personal likings of a user.

Some people are confused about where to get wallpapers. I decided to relieve them from this confusion. I have made a list of some amazing sources for wallpapers that would really compliment your lock screen. Here is the list of these sources:


This platform is on the web for quite a long time. They have some fantastic collections of high-resolution wallpapers for Android smartphones. You have to download the app from Playstore, and there you go. You have access to a valuable database of thousands of wallpapers, which are categorized according to different keywords.

You can find wallpapers featuring classic vehicles like Ford Mustang 1969 and many other classic road glories. Similarly, you would find some action-packed wallpapers of footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo with a signature pose or move. You would also find wallpapers of famous Hollywood action heroes like Jason Statham and many more.

Multiple wallpapers with famous quotes, lyrics, and dialogues are also available on Zedge. You can also find amazing wallpapers featuring beautiful landscapes, technology devices, superbikes, and air vehicles. In addition to static wallpapers, you can also get some exciting live wallpapers for your lock screen from here.

Wallpapers by Google:

Google leads everywhere. It is a custom of this giant company to bring an app for every purpose the user may think. Similarly, Google has its own channel to provide high-quality, beautiful wallpapers for smartphones, which is called “Wallpapers by Google” or simply Wallpapers.

The advantage of using this app is it also displays the existing and preset wallpapers on the device as well. This allows you to compare the images already being used as wallpapers with the wallpapers available on Google. In addition to displaying lock screen wallpapers, it also displays the home screen wallpaper as well.

You can find a variety of wallpapers present under multiple categories. Some of these categories are landscape, cityscape, seascape, life, texture, and shapes. This app is meant to provide ease of use with a collection of some great wallpapers.


Replash is powered by, which is a great database of more than 80,000 free to use images. Replash brings this massive collection to the Android platform for android users. This app contains thousands of exciting HD wallpapers for use on android smartphones.

These wallpapers are not available randomly, rather these amazing wallpapers are organized under various collection for the ease of users. Users can checkout multiple categories according to their preferences and set their favorite wallpapers as lock screen wallpapers.

It also provides the ease to set wallpapers directly from the app. This app also packs an amazing layout for easy navigation. Users can also change the layout of the app according to their comfort.


Walli wallpaper app is another good source of the lock screen and home screen wallpapers for android users. It packs an amazing and unique collection of cool wallpapers. It presents wallpapers and images of artists chosen from around the world to offer masterpieces by creative artists as wallpapers for Android users.

Its home interface is really easy to use, and to make users more comfortable with the app, it displays 4 types of collection straight away.  These collections are categories, recent, featured, and popular. The categories collection packs a wide variety of wallpapers, which can be browsed by the users for hours in search of their desired wallpapers. You can also sign up for this app to keep your collection synced across multiple devices.


This is a really popular wallpaper app these days. It has gathered lots of appreciation from users around the world. The unique thing about this app is the advancement it brings in the wallpaper’s app category. This app doesn’t need to download wallpaper from the online database. Instead, it creates a wallpaper in the device using some really efficient algorithms. These wallpapers are perfectly compatible with the device of users in terms of resolution and size.

It also offers plenty of options for the ease of users. A significant feature is the option to choose the duration for change of wallpapers. Users can set the wallpapers to change hourly or daily as per their liking.


Backdrops is another significant source for wallpapers on the Android platform. It offers a variety of amazing and unique wallpapers, which are perfectly crafted by the Backdrops team. There are various categories available for users to choose their desired wallpapers. These categories include abstract, earth, geometric, photography, food, and various others.

You can simply download various wallpapers and favorite them as well. You can also sign in to this app through various platforms to keep your collection synced across various devices. This app also showcases a new unique wallpaper everyday specially crafted by the Backdrops team to keep your interest.


Abstruct is great Android app for exciting free wallpapers. The developer has a long history of developing some great wallpapers like those of OnePlus psychedelic wallpapers. This app packs a vast collection of wallpapers, reflecting super creativity. These wallpapers fall under categories like abstract and surreal creations.

This app contains comparatively a smaller number of wallpapers, but all of them are exclusive and with 4K resolution. Some of these wallpapers are not available for free. Users have to pay a meager amount of $1.99 to get their hands on these pro wallpapers. Users would really enjoy the experience of using this creative app.

Muzei Live:

As the name reflects, the Muzei Live wallpaper app packs a collection of some amazing live wallpapers. The special thing about this app is that it brings a new wallpaper with famous art to your screen on a daily basis. It would rotate through different art pieces, thus amazing you with a great unique background every day.

For those users, who are literally fed up with static wallpapers, the Muzei live wallpaper app is a blessing in disguise. The wallpapers from this app are developed in such a way that they won’t overwhelm the icons and text on your device. Another great thing about this wallpaper app is that its wallpapers are also compatible with multiple android wears as well.


Comparatively, a newer app as compared to the others discussed above, but believe me, you would enjoy using this app.  Wonderwall packs a collection of amazing hand-picked wallpapers for Android users. These wallpapers include some classic photos of landscapes incorporating natural beauty to the fullest.

The content in the app is updated on a daily basis for comfortable user experience. The auto-downloads fresh wallpapers for ease of Android users. Currently, the collection of wallpapers is smaller, but seeing the frequent addition of fresh content on a daily basis, we can say that it would become a massive database for fresh and beautiful wallpapers.


It is surely not a popular app, but it is a great source for some exciting wallpapers with the capability to amaze the users. This app incorporates material design providing ease for users to find their desired wallpapers easily and quickly without facing any issue. Another great feature of this app is that it categorizes the wallpapers on the basis of resolution so that users choose the wallpaper according to the ideal resolution for use.

You can sign in to this app using Google account to save your collection for use in the future. This is a user-friendly app with plenty of features. It packs plenty of features to amaze users. It is also one of the very few wallpaper apps which enable users to choose wallpapers according to the resolution.


The wallpapers are an essential part of the user interface (UI) on Android smartphones. Android phone users set a variety of images as their wallpapers like their favorite celebrity, favorite vehicle, landscapes, design, and plenty of other images. Some of them are confused about the sources of wallpapers.

I have made a list of some great sources for wallpapers on Android smartphones. These sources include Zedge, Walli, Wallpapers by Google, Replash, Tapet, Muzei Live, Wallmax, WonderWall, and various others. This selection is based on my personal experience as I am fond of putting various lock screen wallpapers during a single day.

All of these apps incorporate some really great collections of wallpapers for Android users. I hope these suggestions would help you in finding the ideal source for wallpapers and, eventually, the desired wallpapers. Good Luck!



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