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The Rise Of Web Development And JS Frameworks: Reasons And Benefits

Web developers struggle trying to keep up with high demand for their services. These days, 90% of overall digital solutions are web.  One of the key reasons for such popularity of this particular IT field is that many companies try to improve their online image. Businesses have to move where their clients are. And the last ones are on the Internet. Consequently, web development specialists have a lot of work to do.

Reasons why businesses opt for web apps these days

Unified UI/UX standards

All web developers should create their software products in accordance with Material Design (Google) and Human Interface (Apple) standards. It means that web apps are supposed to be extremely user friendly. There is almost no need to teach users how to utilize web products. All the navigation is highly intuitive.

HTML5 revolution

The emergence of HTML5 GUI revolutionized present-day web user interfaces. This shift made a web app a universal digital solution with features typical for mobile and desktop applications.

The ubiquity of the Internet

Web apps can be accessed from various types of devices connected to the World Wide Web. There are fewer and fewer places left in cities where one can’t find WiFi.

The improvement of web browsers

Users access a web app via a web browser. The present-day web view modules work faster and have become more powerful. They don’t only display information but also carry out calculations, operate with interactive media, store data in the offline mode, etc.

Ease of use

Users don’t have to download and install a web app. They open their browser, click on the link and start using an application. Web apps also tackle the problem of disk memory overload. Users suffer from Gigabytes overloading their devices. Most of these data come from mobile apps updates.

What have JS frameworks and libraries to do with all this?

The rise of web development has led to the emergence of JS libraries and frameworks. They have become a lifeboat for overloaded web developers. Ready-to-use components from libraries significantly alleviate processes related to the creation of web apps and websites.

Angular and React are the most well-known players in the market so far. A large community of programmers from all over the world has gathered around these two juggernauts. There are also hundreds of other frameworks to choose from. Why do many software development companies rely on digital solutions like these? Search for the answer below.

The advantages of using JS frameworks and libraries for creating web apps

Speeding up a project. You can save hours and days thanks to UI libraries. All the components are ready-to-use. It’s only left to correctly arrange them. There’s no need to start everything from scratch.

A diversity of tools and components. Many qualified software developers work on the creation of JS frameworks. Every UI library is a repository for experience and knowledge of dozens or even hundreds of web development specialists. A large number of elements created by the team of artists in web development allows building high-quality web apps for various purposes.

Rigorous quality assurance. All the controls and widgets from libraries and frameworks are usually produced by the minds of experienced programmers. Even though, these components are subjects to thorough testing and analysis. Careful quality control allows minimizing the number of possible issues.

Lower costs on development. Buying a framework is worth it. First of all, it’s because you need fewer employees for doing the same job. Having a JS library at your service implies that half of the work is already done. With a number of ready-made elements at hand, software developers are able to build much more apps during the same period of time, and boost profits.

Open source frameworks. Startups and young companies can rely on open source libraries. They are free of charge. You only have to follow GPL agreement terms and release source code after a software product is out.

Bottom line

Nowadays, lots of businesses follow their clients’ preferences and go online. This tendency caused the rise in demand for web development services. A user-friendly and easy-to-use web app is able to attract more customers and bring a company to the whole new level. JS frameworks solve the problem of excessive demand for this kind of software products. Thanks to the libraries with ready-made widgets and controls, programmers can manage with a large number of web projects.

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