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How Much Does It Cost to Build An App for A Startup?

Mobile app has become the pivotal role of business on every scale. Many users in this modern era are occupied with their mobile app while on the go. They tend to be convenient to go to their apps to order something online.

If you are like many other business owners, you will be embracing the mobile apps as the core path of your business success.

But before proceeding, you will have tons of questions to answer. One of the most common asked questions is the mobile app development cost.

For a startup, there is no definite answer to the cost of mobile app development. The mobile app development cost ranges from the event itself to the implementation and after service. As mentioned before, there is no exact answer. Hence, you will not see the same prices from different companies.

It is essential to have a specific set of the budget for the custom mobile app development service.

Here are what you need to consider before getting the quotes for creating an application.

Business type

What about your business plan? How will the mobile app help you to improve your current business model? The needs of your business model will help you determine the type of mobile app you will want to create.

The project type and your requirements

The cost will depend on the type of project and your needs. Therefore, to get the best price estimation, you will want to identify your project, your goals, as well as your needs. Having specific goals will help you to find out the resources needed to accomplish them. Therefore, these will also help the software development company  to make an accurate stimation for you.

The platform you choose

After identifying your project, you will need to decide the platform that you will be using. Do you want to host the app in the Android platform or iOS platform? Or perhaps, you’d like to reach both systems. The choice of platform will depend on your audience. Therefore, it is crucial to research your market thoroughly before deciding.

Two most significant platforms are iOS and Android. Both of them has a large pool to find your market. If you’ve got good money, it does not hurt to focus your app launch to both platforms. However, it is okay to start with the platform that you are fond of. Android can give you much better prospects if we talk about audience size. You could begin to smaller, then expanding your platform to iOS when you’ve made some profits from your Android app. Android market has more users in every niche. Not to mention that many talents have been focusing on the Android niche for years. It won’t be hard to find out the same-minded people to work with you.

Meanwhile, there is also the pros of iOS app development. The users in this platform tend to have higher media engagement compared to Android users. Around the world, they also have significant influence is mobile e-commerce. Most users are running the latest version of iOS, making the developers easier to tweak the apps to the next level.

The functions and features of the app

Each feature that you add to your apps can influence the cost. Discuss it with your team and pick the features that you need the most for your app. This will help you to focus on your goals as well as maximize the quality of the app.

The mobile app development companies rates

The total cost of making the app for your business can be broken down to the product of the mobile app, development team rates, and the development time.

The mobile app designer can be different from the mobile developer. But often, the mobile app development team can cover both responsibilities because they consist of talents with specific skills. In the mobile designer division, it will focus on the design and function of the app. That means the mobile designer division will focus their work on the User Interface or UI and user experience. Although the mobile designer is a distinct role, it will work synergically with the mobile developer team.

Meanwhile, the mobile developer will focus on code writing to actualize the design of the features into reality. They will write from scratch to finish. Besides the app development, the talents in this division will also handle the updates, test the new features, test the user experience, and do a lot of testing.

Chances are you will find a lot of mobile app development companies on the internet. Some of them are reputable providers who offer excellent mobile app development services. However, the costs can be different from one company to another. Each company has a different policy in estimating the cost of mobile app development. They also have different resources, set of skills, talents, and standards. With these variables, you will not find the same prices for the same services. Here are some examples of the rates set by the renowned companies:

  • Fueled: $150,000 to $500,000
  • Applico: $100,000 to $300,000
  • Savvy Apps: $150,000 to $450,000 Fueled: $150,000 to $500,000

Ones won’t be sure unless contacting the company’s representatives to inquire the quotes. But before reaching their customer support, you will want to research the company in advance. See their portfolios, consumer’s reviews, and reputation online. Your chance will be better when you work with a renowned mobile app development company.

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