The Pleasing Appearance And Solid Safety Of Shingle Roof

Roofing contractors in West Bloomfield Michigan is a leading professional in roofing installations and maintenance. Built reputation over the years and have had quite a lot of testimonials from well-served customers. We will talk about the pleasing appearance and the solid safety of shingle roof. Among the numerous types of roof shingles, we will be discussing a few wonderful and popular ones.

Wood Shingles

A very popular model of shingle roofs is wood shingles. This type of shingle has been used for centuries as a reliable roofing alternative, because it is considered to have better insulation and the sense it creates around the house compared to the “three tabs, architectural, asphalt and other types of shingles”.

The method of formation of wood shingles unlike the others, they are sawn on both sides to create a detailed shape. They are produced in different forms of wood shakes and wood shingles. It is also observed that wood shakers are thicker than wood shingles.

TAB Roof Shingles

In the region of North America, one of the most popular shingles roofs is the 3-tab roof shingle, there is a feeling this type of shingle gives when you look at the building from afar, the 3-tab shingles represents a good quality asphalt shingle. The 3-tab shingle is one of the alternatives for cheap shingles if you want to install a roof job on a very low budget, it is very easy to install, similar to an interlock tile pattern. The 3-tab shingle roof exists in hundreds of colors that suits any color of the house.

The Architectural Shingle

These types of shingles are said to be a perfect blend and balance between elegance, beauty, durability, and affordability, in the market of shingle sales and installation they are the best-selling because of their artistic sculpture and designs.

This architectural type of shingle roof is also a type of asphalt shingle, which also exists in a variety of colors and designs, they are also referred to as Dimensional or Laminated shingles. Architectural shingle has a scale of quite a lot of purchase, installations and uses more than the 3-tab shingle because it is said to last longer, look better and is more resistant to heavy wind.

Architectural roof shingle manufacturers continue to innovate to create cost-effective roof designs using asphalt.

Whatever roof style you desire, it can probably be done using architectural roof shingles.

Solar Roof Shingles

Installation of solar panel on the roof is not a new invention this has been on for decades, however, the solar shingle is a new invention which started in 2009 initiated by Dow chemical. Solar roof shingles are shingle materials coated with Photovoltaic roof, this coating system transforms the sun energy into electrical energy which is used to power the house.

Solar shingles are built to withstand high wind and pressure; unlike the silver shining plate, the solar roof shingle is recently designed to look like asphalt and designers shingle.

Clay Roof Shingles

This type of shingle is the oldest and one of the finest categories of roofing materials install in your house, it is said to be a cooling type of shingle. They naturally occur in color, masking the type of clay that is used for their manufacture, their appearance majorly exists in brown-orange color, they are considered to be more effective and efficient than the asphalt shingles, the clay material is said to be reliable and highly durable as they can last up to 50 years or even 100.

Unlike the common house roofs that can either have the basic problems of shrinking and leakages, the installation of shingles gives one a sense of peace as the integrity of its longevity and reliability goes way long before it, the shingles are guaranteed to resist blue-green algae discoloration. They’re economical and extremely durable.

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