Why Microsoft Word is the best tool to use for Documentation

There are a number of different tools out there to help you write a document when you need to. In fact, there are more than a number of different tools, there are thousands of tools. But only one of them can be the very best. I’d like to tell you why Microsoft Word is the very best tool to use for documentation and other uses.

Microsoft Office has been one of the most successful tools in the existence of computers. It’s also the most popular. This doesn’t come as a surprise seen as Microsoft has been around since the beginning of computers how we know them. This brings us to our first point of why you should be used Microsoft Word for your work.

It’s trustworthy

There are undeniably other tools out there that are reliable too, but Microsoft trumps all other tools as it’s been around the longest and is a standard tool on any computer. It has taken Microsoft years of hard work and reliability to gain all this trust. They know what Microsoft Word has to offer them, and it’s easy to learn. It’s very user-friendly, so even if you’ve only just come into the world of computers, you’ll know how to use it within no-time using our training course.

It’s professional

Microsoft Word has tons of features to make your document better looking and keep an overview of things. Thanks to all these features, Microsoft Word has a very professional look to it. Even when it comes to more complicated features like inserting graphs, Microsoft Word is able to do it for you. There’s a reason that all ICT professionals use Microsoft Word, and it’s not just because it’s easy to use.

Constant updates and support

There aren’t many documentation programs that still update their software regularly and offer support when it’s needed. Microsoft Word is one of the tools which does offer this. With every update they make, their tools and features become better and cover more ground. Where you used to be able to only type a text in Microsoft Word, you’re now able to do things beyond the wildest imagination of those who thought of the original concept idea of Microsoft Word. If you encounter any bugs, or you have a problem using one of the features, Microsoft is always ready to answer any questions you have. They will walk you through the steps you have to take and stay with you until the problem is resolved. If, by some miracle, there isn’t a solution to your problem yet, they will make sure a solution is created within a short time.

Cloud service

How often does it happen that you’ve written a whole document, just for your laptop to lose power and switch off? All the documents you’ve written without saving, all those hours you’ve worked hard to get it done in time, everything is gone within a single second. When you’re using Microsoft Word to fulfill your tasks, this won’t be one of the struggles you have to endure. Microsoft Word uses a cloud service. This means that everything you write is saved to a special place designed just for you on the internet. This way, your text won’t be lost forever if your computer malfunctions for whatever reason.

Increase the chances of employment

Because Microsoft Word is a basic skill nowadays, a lot of businesses want their employees to have this skill upon hiring them. It’s used for multiple sorts of work like documentation, data handling, making notes and countless other reasons. If an employee had to choose between two people, who’s experience and paygrade are the same, but one person knows how to use Microsoft Word and the other doesn’t, he’s going to pick the one who has this basic skill. Skills like this are worth money when it comes to jobs.

Cross integration

Microsoft Word is part of a larger package called Microsoft Office. This package offers programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint. These programs are all used worldwide and have earned the trust of its users. The business world can get complicated sometimes. Graphs need to be put into documents, slideshows need to be printed and handed out, and so forth. With the constant updates Microsoft has been doing, they saw their opportunity to make all these programs compatible.

This means you’re able to make a graph in Microsoft Excel and import it into your document in Microsoft Word, but you’re also able to import your Powerpoint slideshow into Word and print it out as a handout of the presentation. You’re also able to count the number of words you’ve written in Microsoft Word, check for any grammar or spelling mistakes, insert pictures and much more. Basically, the Microsoft Office package is all you’ll ever need.

If you’re not familiar with Microsoft Word yet, it can be a bit mind-dazzling. There are a ton of features, some you’ll use daily and others you won’t ever use at all. It can be a hassle to figure all this out on your own and find out where every feature is placed.

You’ll learn all this quickest and better if you follow a quick course in Microsoft Word. Not only will this benefit you in your career, but it might also come in handy in your personal life. Even if you’ve used Microsoft Word before and know the basics, there’s always more to learn which will benefit you in multiple ways.

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