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Lost Your Baggage? Here’s What to do When an Airline Loses Your Luggage!

Have you ever arrived at your destination only to find that your baggage hasn’t followed suit? Well then, you need to know what to do when an airline loses your luggage! While we may not have the exact airline lost luggage statistics, airlines mishandle at least three out of every thousand bags, reportedly.

This can be all the more problematic if you’ve packed the important things in your now lost luggage instead of the carry-on. A lot of travelers wonder about delayed baggage compensation American Airlines, Lufthansa, and others, for instance. However, it’s inevitable that certain airlines will invariably lose your luggage unknowingly.

We know how to find really cheap flights, but do we know what to do in case our baggage is mishandled by the airline? It won’t be much help to make a list of the worst airports for lost luggage around the world. Instead, here’s what to do when an airline loses your luggage.

Report Lost Baggage Immediately

This is the first thing to do in the event that you lose your bags regardless of whether you’re on a planned vacation or traveling somewhere on last minute flights. Certain airlines mandate that lost baggage be reported within a specified period of time to warrant reimbursement.

Sometimes, this window can be as little as four hours. However, most missing baggage just ends up being delayed. So, this is what to do when an airline loses your luggage. Do note the identification number that’s on your baggage claim. This will help you identify your luggage once it arrives.

Make A List Of Items You’ll Need Till Your Luggage Is Recovered

The next thing you must do after you’ve reported your baggage to be missing is to make a list of the things you’d packed in them. Then, shortlist a few of the items from the list you’ll need to help you tide over until your bags are recovered.

For instance, you will need to purchase things such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soaps, and a couple of clothes until your bags arrive. In the event that the luggage is lost and not delayed, you can use the list to ask for reimbursement from the airline.

Ask The Airline For Reimbursement

This is an important step to cover when dealing with what to do when an airline loses your luggage. There are a couple of different things you can ask your airline to reimburse you for in case your baggage is misplaced.

  • Ask the airline to pay for items you will need to purchase to pull you through until your baggage is recovered.
  • Ask the airline to reimburse the checked baggage fee you’ve paid.
  • If you notice that there has been some damage done to your recovered luggage, you can ask the airline to bear the repair charges.

Keep Tabs On The Search For Your Lost Luggage

You’ve reported your baggage is missing. Also, you’ve bought toiletries and other basic necessities until your bags are found. So, what next when wondering what to do when an airline loses your luggage? It’s simple, actually. Now, you need to make sure to keep in touch with the airline regularly for updates on your lost baggage.

Don’t be a pushover even if your bags don’t contain any valuables. Keep tabs on the airline’s search for your luggage and find out how to recover it once it’s been located.

Check Your Luggage Carefully Once You Get It

Again, whether you were traveling on economy or business class flights, this is an important step when covering what to do when an airline loses your luggage. How long does it take to find lost luggage? Generally, it should take about 2 days.

However, once your baggage arrives, check it inside-out carefully. In case you notice any damage it has incurred, take photographs immediately and report it to the airlines to ask for reimbursement. Be prepared that when you do this, your bags and the contents therewith will be depreciated. Thereby, don’t expect to be refunded the full value.

File A Claim In Case Your Baggage Is Lost

Generally, airlines will do their best to locate your lost baggage to avoid having to pay out. However, in the event that your luggage is really lost and not just delayed, file a claim immediately. This is what to do when an airline loses your luggage for real.

What you will basically need to do is fill a form (or forms) and explain in detail about the contents of your baggage. Setting a claim is how you will get the airline to reimburse you for the luggage they misplaced. This is the answer to most travelers’ ‘airline lost my luggage compensation’ query. If you wish to report the airline for some reason, file a complaint here.

Keep A Record Of Expenses You Incur

Make a note of how much you are spending on clothes, toiletries, and other things while your luggage is missing. Once your baggage is restored to you, show receipts of the things you’ve bought and ask the airline to reimburse you. Keep in mind not to make exaggerated purchases as these will most likely not be refunded by the airline.

They will claim overlook “unreasonable” expenses and may also claim you’ve committed fraud. So, be mindful to spend less and keep the receipts. Airlines usually have no problems reimbursing reasonable amounts. This is what to do when an airline loses your luggage.

Ensure Your Luggage Isn’t Lost Again In The Future

After you’ve figured out what to do when an airline loses your luggage, make sure your luggage isn’t lost easily again. Before you book international flight tickets to travel somewhere, make sure to remove the old trip tags from your baggage. Put a tag with your name and contact info on your bag so that it can be easily returned to you in case it’s lost. If you wish to keep this information private, keep the tag inside the bag. Take pictures of your bag. This will come in handy for the airline staff trying to identify your bag. Also, remember to keep all your valuables in the carry-on so that it’s with you at all times.

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