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Learn About The Trends That Would Be Ruling The SEO Landscape

Just when you are in a mood to celebrate and rejoice at the thought that you have finally figured out the SEO algorithm of Google, you realize that it has changed again. SEO is an ever-changing or a truly dynamic landscape and this seems like a perennial system that initially involved using select backlinks and keywords but today it has been dramatically transformed into an extensive necessity for each and every marketing stratagem.

SEO predominantly is a field where changes are taking place perpetually and the only one that is ruling the show is Google. You must realize that Google is the mastermind here. In this context, you must be aware that Google actually depends on several individual ranking signals and these signals keep changing every now and then.

In 2017 Google received more than 79% of all desktop search traffic worldwide which is then followed by Bing that is at 7.27%, while Baidu is supposed to be at 6.55% and also, Yahoo is supposed to be at 5.06%. In this context, it is worthwhile to find out that around 63000 searches are made on Google every single second on a particular day. Google would be changing throughout the year and so would the SEO or the Search Engine Optimization. SEO or search engine optimization worldwide is known to change along with the modifications and changes taking place at Google. Webmasters would like to retain their rankings and traffic so they are forever looking for new trends to gain a competitive edge.

Needless to admit, SEO today has been radicalized and it entails much more than the earlier days of backlink strategies and keyword placement. Let us explore the new SEO trends dominating in 2020 and would continue to do so in 2021 as well.

Voice Search Dominating the Scenario

As voice-activated smart gadgets and devices are increasingly becoming popular, it looks like everybody is having an Alexa or Siri at their beck and call. Right from Amazon Echo to Google Home, Pixel phones, smartphones etc. today, fewer individuals are typing their queries like before in search engines.

Today, more and more people are simply pressing a button and conveniently speaking into their devices to get answers to their queries online. This automatically implies that it now becomes imperative for all businesses to consider optimizing their SEO stratagem for voice-activated searches. You need to think in terms of accurate syntax and long-tail keywords. It is forecasted that by 2020 about 50 percent of online traffic would be generated from spoken queries. You may visit Tayloright for perfect SEO solutions.

Optimization of Intention

As per, a unique SEO trend is intent optimization. Google would adjust its search algorithm in such a manner that a key driving factor for SEO rankings would primarily depend on the keyword’s intention. This means that suppose a keyword is having a clear intention of purchasing ‘high-end watches’, Google would strategically place e-commerce sites in higher rankings in the search engine results page, even higher than key authoritative media sites.

This proves to be effective in avoiding searchers who are intending to purchase something instead they come across a news story like ‘the best high-end watches of 2018’.  Webmasters need to be smarter with the keywords that they choose for using within their SEO marketing, email marketing stratagem for effectively optimizing searchers’ intent.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence seems to have immense potential. Today, businesses are trying their best to use AI in their job. It is the same scene with Google and if you are able to determine how to make AI work effectively, it would certainly impact SEO. A really good instance of the way AI could be seamlessly integrated into the ranking algorithm of Google is that AI could help in identifying websites that are performing black-hat SEO.


SEO is truly dynamic and keeps changing every now and then. You need to stay abreast with the latest SEO trends if you wish to achieve online success and gain a niche for yourself in the industry Tech tida.

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