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5 Effective Techniques to Promote YouTube Videos for Higher Traffic Inflow

In today’s internet age where an increasing number of people love to watch video content, YouTube is a high traffic video platform that sees more than 300 videos uploaded per minute. There are videos of every variety catering to multiple interests on YouTube. While this could be positive for the users, it could be equally tough for a business to make its videos visible or even searched on YouTube. This is the primary reason why YouTube marketing is gaining center stage in every business’ marketing strategy.

For businesses that are looking to gain visibility and make the most out of YouTube content, here are some of the top effective strategies that are sure to attract higher traffic.

Optimize Video Title

A video title could be one of the primary deciding factors as far as visibility and user views are concerned. After doing thorough research on keywords, a business can fix on an apt video title that will attract the audience towards it. Some of the important factors to consider for title designing are:

  • Choose short and crisp titles
  • Provide a timeline in the title
  • Design it creatively
  • Incorporate keywords
  • Include power words
  • Emotional triggers could entice the audience
  • Use attractive font and capital letters

Customized Thumbnails

A well-designed thumbnail can have a significant impact on the traffic inflow as it is the first visible feature that acts as a video summary. Thumbnails should represent the video content in a creative manner. These allow the audience to get an idea about the video and compel them to click on it for viewing the video. While creating thumbnails, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • 1280 x 720 resolution is ideal
  • Keep the size to minimal
  • An aspect ratio of 16:9 is ideal for YouTube content

Call-To-Action Buttons

YouTube videos must have an end objective of generating more sales for any business. This is possible if a business designs creative YouTube content and also incorporates call-to-action buttons somewhere in the content or description. This could either be direct purchases of products and services or it could be in the form of redirecting to the relevant webpage for further action expected out of viewers. This could be a valuable step towards YouTube optimization.

Add Social Link on YouTube Banner

Channel art is also known as “YouTube Banner” is the large banner that goes across the top of your channel page. Adding social icons on YouTube banner makes it easy for people to find you and visit your social channels.

Share on Social Media

The power of social media cannot be underestimated. For any business that offers YouTube content, it is equally important to promote the same on social media. Sharing of video content on social media can help in making it viral and reaching out to larger masses. This, in turn, can draw more audiences to the business website and affect sales positively. It also helps in establishing a brand image for the business.

Use Online PR and Digital PR Tactics

Online PR, as well as digital PR, are simple and cost-effective ways of promoting YouTube videos among a wider audience. These are same as conventional PR – the only difference is that instead of sharing content with magazines and newspapers, you would connect with online influencers. Share your videos with popular influencers, bloggers, journalists, media personalities and reporters. If your video is great, they may consider adding it as a part of a blog post and sharing it with their readers.

Creating video content with real-life examples, inspiring figures and relatable ideas could have a far-reaching impact on business growth. It is about how, when and where the videos are placed. Collaborating with other YouTube content developers, marketing them via emails, using PR tactics and ensuring constant interaction with the audience are other ways of engaging the end-users for enhanced YouTube marketing.


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