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11 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas For Lead Generation

The most challenging thing for marketers these days is lead generation. The process of generating leads is not very easy. It takes time and effort. It can become more complicated if we use traditional methods for it.

For acquiring good leads, a versatile digital marketing plan is essential. Only website traffic and ads impressions are not enough; there is a dire need to work on other aspects as well. There are a lot many ways in which you can easily generate leads for your business. The best lead generation ideas consist of providing excessive value for your spectators. By doing so, you can later ask them for money in interchange for products and services.

If you can generate profits for your business quickly and with fewer efforts, it means the quality of the leads is effortlessly good. Moreover, it will also aid you in generating profit throughout the life of that customer as well. As the customer is happy, that also allows you to be more satisfied by earning good profit and getting more quality leads.

In this blog, we will describe 11 creative digital marketing ideas for getting business leads.

  1. Use the video for providing solutions
  2. Make use of E-mail marketing and social media marketing
  3. Work on the quality of blog content
  4. Provide a contest or giveaway
  5. Use Linkedin for leads
  6. Provide people free downloads
  7. Make use of safe language
  8. Guest blogging
  9. Facebook marketing
  10. Go for native advertising
  11. Use Tumblr

Use Video for Providing Solutions

As we all know, people love to watch rather than read. So providing videos along with content is not a bad idea. Make interactive videos that will help people in solving their queries. For example: Suppose you are having a website of “Tour & Travelling,” you can add travel videos on it. It will help people to find out what they want through videos. Also, it engages more customers to visit your website as well.

Make Use of E-mail Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing can help you out in engaging more leads for your business. What E-mail marketing does? It helps in building trust by knowing your customers on a personal level. How can you use E-mail marketing to generate more leads? Following are the ways:-

  • Give the customer the best advice.
  • Always answer their queries.
  • Show them the value of your services.
  • Listen to them carefully
  • Work on their feedbacks.
  • Giving them offers

High-Quality Blog

High Quality Blog

The blog content which you are providing should be of high quality. Your content matters a lot in engaging business leads. People buying decision depends upon the quality of your blog content. I mean, what you are offering your customers by writing should be reliable as well. People can develop trust in your content if your blog content promises them to give a solution to their problem.

Moreover, it should not be promotional but helpful. It should depict the needs of society nor for their own business. Your lead generation can be enhanced if the quality of the blog content is not compromised at any cost.

Provide a Contest or Giveaway

Free Giveaways

Many businesses offer a prize to different their customers for recommending their website. During giveaway or contest, customers just need to refer your friends and share the content on social networking sites. By doing so, people from different masses attracted to your site. This procedure offers them different rewards, thereby increasing the business leads. It revolves around the concept of sharing, tagging, and referring. You can also make your customer happy by saying them thank you. They will feel respected and feel appreciable by small things.

Use Linkedin Marketing

As we all know, LinkedIn is a highly business-centric website. It allows us to make social connections and helps in establishing more connections. It also helps you to promote your business and bring new clients as well.

Provide People Free Downloads

Customer retention is maintained if you offer your customers free downloads. These downloads include guides of something that your website offers. It will help you in lead generation as people are more attracted to free subscription and downloadable things. Different guides can help people to understand things properly.

Make Use of Safe Language

The safe language here refers to the safety of personal credentials. It helps in reassuring the customers. For example, in E-mail, while taking out personal information of customers via any form, in the end, if you simply mention that your information is private to us and we will not share it with anyone. It will build their trust, and most probably, they would subscribe to your E-mail.

Guest Blogging

Guest bloggers are the ones who are outsourced by the company to spread their imaginative ideas and showcase their experiences. The main benefit of doing this is guest bloggers can present different visions. They support the engagement of the ideal customers, and by doing so, half of your task is complete. Guest bloggers can engage the people by their posts that depict the customer’s practical needs. It will boost up the counting of the customers.

Facebook Marketing

People, mostly from every age group, love to use Facebook. The main goal of Facebook marketing is to showcase people what they exactly demand. I mean, you can increase your business by newsletter and event registrations. These are the two ways that can impact the leads. There are other ways, as well. But among others, using newsletter and event registration are the effective ones.

Go for Native Advertising

Native advertising is a sponsored content that can also help in generating leads for your business. You have first spent some money on this kind of advertising; then, you can expect people will come to see your blog. What native advertising does? It actually grabs the customer or reader’s attention, and if they like it, they check out, and it will indirectly help you in your business.

Use Tumblr

The biggest mistake which people do these days is ignoring the use of Tumblr. It is a content-sharing community that helps to promote the business and achieve large numbers of people. You just need to share your content regularly on Tumblr. Involve yourself in giving answers to the query of the people. It will help you to generate more leads for your business.

Your business is doing well if your customers are happy with your services. The customer plays a vital role in the generation of leads. Always keep in mind that you have to work for your customers.

The information in this blog is provided by MegaByte: A Dubai based digital marketing company. The main motive is to get the right leads, along with more business. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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