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Importance of Pay Per Click Services

What is PPC?

The new digital age has brought about a change in the entire scenario of online advertising. Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising ranks the top of the list and is undoubtedly the most popular kind of advertising that small businesses swear by. This is largely due to the strong reputation that Google as a brand has managed to build over the years. It also accounts for the fact that it paves the way for the small business owner to control the costs.

ppc services or Pay Per Click is a form of online marketing whereby advertisers need to pay a specific amount of fee whenever an ad is clicked upon. This is a popular way of purchasing visits to the site, instead of earning them in an organic manner. It furthermore allows advertisers to bid for the placement that their ad will secure.

When an ad is clicked upon that sends a visitor to the website, the search engine needs to be paid a small amount of fee. There is a lot of effort involved in the development of a PPC campaign. It involves detailed processes such as research of the perfect keywords, organization of the keywords in a well thought upon campaign along with ad groups. It is followed by the setting of PPC landing pages that get optimized for conversions.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a form of an ad platform that enables all businesses to make ads which appear on search engine along with other similar properties of the brand. Google Ads functions on the model of pay-per-click, where users bid on the targeted keywords while paying for each click performed on the ads. Each time a search gets initiated, Google chooses among all of the advertisers to make one appear on the page of search results. This is chosen depending on a few factors, such as the relevance and nature of the keywords.

PPC marketing, when performed through Google Ads is highly important as Google achieves the highest traffic being the best in the market. This further leads them to deliver the highest amount of clicks and impressions to the ads. The frequency of your ad appearing depends on the match types along with the keywords selected. Here are a few things that help you achieve a successful Pay Per Click Services.

  1. Relevance of keywords

Crafting of relevant keywords along with proper texts related to ads.

  1. Quality of the landing page

Creation of landing pages been delivered with suitable content that gives solutions to targeted keyword search queries

  1. Quality score

This refers to the rating that Google provides depending on the quality, along with how relevant the keywords are. It also gets decided depending upon the campaigns and optimization of landing pages. Advertisers attaining improved quality score attain more amount of clicks at a much lower cost.

  1. Creativity

Creativity makes the cut everywhere, and PPC is no different. An ad copy needs to be creative enough to catch the attention of the visitors. This creativity is a deciding factor, too for the ad campaign.

Benefits of PPC

  • Cost-effective

You are only paying when the user reaches the website and is thus a great value for money.

  • Measurable

Campaigns can be created to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

  • Reaches the target audience

The audience can be chosen and targeted henceforth

  • Fast

The impact is noticed immediately as soon as the efforts take place.


Thus PPC for GoogleAds is the ideal form of marketing for a business to reach to the targeted audience in a fast and hassle-free manner.

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