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How You get Rid of a Manual Google Penalty

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of your Google penalty? Getting to know the cause of your penalty is usually the first step in avoiding the penalty. If you ever note any traffic drop, it is essential to know its cause. Generally, there are two types of penalties, algorithmic and manual action. For our case, we are going to discuss how to get rid of Google manual penalty.

To find out if Google has penalized you by manual action, you must go to webmaster tools on your google and check for any new notification, and the message states your problems. Cloaking and sneaky redirects, user-generated spam, pure spam, and unnatural links are some of the causes of manual penalties.

How to get rid of a pure spam

According to Google, pure spam is a website created primarily for spamming. It involves advertising some content that is not valid and does not add value to the users. After Google recognizes that your website is pure spam, it makes it disappear completely from google SERPs.

Google might sometimes penalize you because Google Viewers may see your website as a spam type, and it is not the case. Therefore, you should try and figure out some of the reasons that would make your website appear as pure spam. You can also try to enable you to go through the site’s history because you may be penalized at times due to an issue with the domain’s previous owner.

You are also recommended to clean your website in and out by removing any scraped content, auto-generated content, together with the black hat signals. After you have removed any non-helpful content, create some new content that is of great value to your target users. Doing so enables you to recover from the penalty.

Getting rid of User-generated spam

It is a type of spam commonly found in multi-user blogs and forums where users can write and publish their content without or with editorial review. The manual penalty in user-generated spam ensures that the users write and publish important and quality content. Hence there is no excuse to you filling the web with spam, toxic links, self-generated texts, or blog comments.

To remove the penalty, begin by telling users to stop writing any offending content and develop new guidelines for managing and creating new content. In case they fail to collaborate, make sure you delete the content and permit them to download a backup. Quality-oriented and strict editorial review guidelines should be followed when publishing new content. Finally, you should also submit a reconsideration request to google to have the penalty lifted. For Google to permit you to continue without the penalty, the new content published on the site plays an important role.

 Removing cloaking and sneaky redirects

It is a manual penalty that usually occurs when google notices that the content that your website is providing to the user is completely different from what it is providing. Therefore, always ensure that the content you are giving your users matches with what google is showing.

You are advised to use the URL Inspection Tool in google to search for your content and see how it appears in Googlebot. Suppose you find out some differences in the content, correct any of the two versions and ensure that any accidental redirects are removed. Once you are done ensuring that both contents are rhyming, you can now submit your reconsideration request to google.

Thinning content that does not have value

Thin content features published text containing minimal information, barely helpful to the user visiting your site to get a solution to their problem. For instance, an uncommented list does not have enough content for the user. Similarly, duplicated, scraped, doorway pages and auto-generated content can also result in a penalty that is partial deindexing of the content and pages that has thin content.

If such a penalty occurs, you should turn thin content into deep content to help the user. For the pages that were duplicate, you can add a rel=canonical attribute to those pages. It is also essential to turn simple lists into helpful tutorials or guidelines. Also, remove any scraped content and replace it with new content.

In summary, for you to remove any manual penalty, it is important to understand what caused it. Therefore, you are required to carefully read more and understand the webmaster guidelines on Google to help identify the cause and remove the penalty effectively.

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