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How to Style a Statement Armchair

A lovely plush armchair just can’t be beaten! This piece is seriously stylish, crazy comfortable and incredibly versatile, basically, if you don’t have one of these already then you absolutely need to stop everything and start shopping fabric armchairs right now!

Once you’ve found yourself a gorgeous armchair, the time comes to get styling it. There are so many different style categories and aesthetics out there, and your fabric chair can shape shift to compliment and fit into every single one. Here are a few stunning styling ideas for your statement armchair to try out in your home today…


The industrial style is about all things natural, functional and cool, but that doesn’t mean that comfortable can’t be added to that list! Look for a luxurious worn leather armchair in a worn tan or rich chocolate tone to channel the style perfectly.

If you want to stick to fabric, just be mindful to shop within the industrial colour range, which favours greys, blacks, tans and beiges. Let the chair shine by contrasting it’s comfort with a small step in a timber or steel used as a footstool – this is creative, unconventional and very stylish indeed.


Hamptons was made for fabric chairs! This look cries out for the oversized, luscious and expensive – so keep these three factors in mind when you’re on the hunt for your armchair. Search for a refined nude tone such as cream, champagne or crisp white to hit the nail on the head perfectly.

Style with an overstuffed linen cushion and a chunky knit throw in a dove grey or soft mint green strewn over one arm. Hello, inviting seat, nice to meet you! Place near natural light and plenty of candles for the ultimate relaxation spot.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic home decor should be white, unfinished and cosy, this is the perfect opportunity to get stuck into a little bit of DIY with your fabric armchair. Find a white cotton, linen or man made blend with timber legs and paint them white with a chalk paint.

Once you’ve got a couple of coats dry, sand the ages for an aged, vintage look. Style with a shaggy white throw cushion and place on top of a glamorous shag rug for a welcoming take on the shabby chic style.

Shabby CHic
Shabby CHic

French Country

Look for a cosy fabric armchair in a rich blue, mustard yellow or soft neutral to start your French Country styling process. Layer a gingham or paisley printed artistic throw blanket over the back and add an intricately embroidered throw cushion.

This can be the style statement in your living room and it’s really going to add to the charm and whimsy of your space.


For a beautifully bohemian addition to your eclectic home, look for a decedent velvet armchair in a dusty rose, inky navy or rich emerald green. This will add an incredible pop of colour to blend with a palette of dark oak and timber and classic Persian rug tones such as russet red, soft green and deep brown. Place near your fireplace or facing your couch for a striking accent piece that’s going to shake up your living room.

Ready to get styling your armchair? The possibilities are endless, style in accordance with your taste and aesthetic preferences, and you’ll have a perfect space in absolutely no time.

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