How to Study for the SAT all by Yourself?

Getting the score, you desire in the upcoming SAT will require more than just hard work. Ofcourse, hard work is an essential element, but sometimes smart work takes over. It is not just about how much you are studying, but it is also about how you are studying.

Most importantly, all the students preparing to appear for the SAT examination must draft a strategy and a routine to follow it. Make sure your strategy successfully covers all the aspects with equal efficiency. Apart from that, I have prepared a list of tips, tricks or techniques, that you must follow in your strategy:

Know the SAT inside out

The first step to success is to familiarize yourself with the exam. This does not include just the syllabus but also its test structure, question patterns, time structure, and other conditions. Today when everything is available on the internet, it’s very easy to educate yourself with the necessary. Trust me, a little research today can earn you the desired scores!

Practice is the key

As the age-old paraphrase says ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ – stands true even today. All the other points listed here will render useless if you aren’t practicing enough. Once you are done with the syllabus, you must begin with appearing for sample tests readily available online.

Consider these papers as the final examination of the SAT and prepare accordingly. Once you finish your test paper, check the results, and analyze them in detail. This will prepare you for the final day.

If your school offers PSAT, my suggestion is you MUST appear that. However, if you don’t, keep practicing online tests and put your best foot forward.

Read, Read and Read more

Ofcourse, the internet is one of the best resources around but it certainly can’t replace the importance of concrete reading. There are books compiled with previous years’ tests that will come in handy.

There are other books with valuable reading material for SAT, available in different libraries. If you are in a dilemma about the options available, ask your high school teachers, they will help you pick the best in the lot

Hire a tutor

You can join extra classes or even consider tutoring if you think you need guidance and individual attention from an expert. There are schools that offer such programs or crash courses to help you prepare for competitive exams. You can also look out for online tutors like to help you with your preparation.

Their experience and expertise are worth the investment. They will help you prepare a plan of action to achieve your desired end goal. Since they have been co-working with students with various mindsets, they know exactly what will help you in the preparation.

Improve your memorization skills

Although the SAT is more about your immediate thinking and less about memorizing. Still, there are few math formulae and other concepts that must be learned by heart.

However, don’t ever consider mugging up the concepts. Instead, try and understand them and start practicing problems daily, you will naturally memorize them.

Working on that Vocab

The SAT emphasizes a lot on your vocabulary, and it’s time you must too. Read challenging books and articles on a daily basis.

When you read books a standard higher than your level, you will come across words you haven’t heard before, make it a point to underline, highlight and note it down separately. That is how you learn. The benefits of this are not just limited to the SAT, it is going to help you throughout your life.

Study whenever you can

At your age, students aren’t generally indoors. There is a lot of other things that demand their time commitment, which makes it a little impossible to prioritize the SAT above everything.

So, the best rescue is to carry notes and other study material in your phone, and study on the move! You can also research some online test materials for SAT or apps available and study during breaks from other activities.

Now that we have reached the final section of this content piece, let me tell you the master tip of not only SAT but for every exam that you are going to appear: Determination. Trust me, it has magic! Believe in the process and don’t cut slack in your hard work. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving what you want.

Atif Mallo

Atif Mallo is a freelance blogger with huge interest in technology, science, life hacks and health. He loves coffee, cheesecake and chess. Drop a line in comments to leave feedback for him.

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