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How to Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error on Android

Facebook is one of the best social websites which has become very popular because of its easy operation and interesting features. Almost everyone from us opens Facebook at least one time per day.

Moreover, the Facebook messenger is also very popular which enables you to have a chat, and it is directly attached to Facebook. But Sometimes we have faced an issue When Facebook stop working, and we are unable to send any text audio and video messages to others on our Android devices.

How to Resolve Pname Issues?

A small message is appearing on the screen; usually, it is, “pname com Facebook orca has stopped working. What is the meaning of that message? Is it disturbing the proper working of Facebook and its messenger? Today we will explainto fix it and also trying to find more options to fix that issue which disturb our enjoyable moments. No such a particular reason make it happen.

Many people said that some elements or features of the Facebook app stop their working or become nonresponsive. Some people said that cache becomes messy and its need to clean. Anyway, we have to fix this issue; there may be any reason behind it.

We need to solve the issues. So, we can use our Facebook and Messenger app without any problems. Meaning of name com Facebook Orca? As we download any android application in our android device, some special icons appear that include such files. Which make that application to work and store their flies too.

As these files effected or destroyed by deletion or some virus or malicious activity by any antivirus, we lost these files. Such matter also accusers in the case of the Facebook app and its messenger.

When we download the Facebook application from the google play store, an icon appears in your android device named as Usually, it stores all the important and necessary information’s that runs your Facebook application properly in your android device.

Moreover, another icon named is created on your Android device when you install the Facebook Messenger app in your Android smart device.

Orca folder store all the conversation which you have made on the Facebook messenger. Usually, it stores cache and other text, audio, video messages which you have sent and received during the conversation. As stops working what is the result. Whenever you have such message, then you know that you are unable to use your Facebook app and Facebook messenger app.

Resolving Pname issue is really Important:

I think to know you can understand it is very important to resolve the issue to use the Facebook and Facebook messenger app. If you didn’t resolve this issue, it would cause serious damage to your social media app Facebook, and you are unable to use it again if you are trying to uninstall your Facebook or Facebook messenger or trying to delete those folder named,

It means you are erasing your Facebook stored chats and other essential files from your Android device. Moreover, it is a self-generated folder as you install the application it appears again with all previous errors and mistakes.

This is the folder that makes you able to download all the previous chats backup. So, if you lose it, you will lose all backup data from your android device so be careful. As your all data is available in these folders and you can download or copy them from these folders.

It also stores all of the media like video, audio and text chats that why it has occupied large memory from your Android device. What’s the method to fix the error from your Android device as you are a Facebook lover and want to fix it.

Then don’t worry and follow some of these easy steps. So, it is very simple to go to the settings on your Android device and find the option name application mode. Where you find all applications options tap here. Find the Facebook messenger application here as you get the icon, clear all the cache and all additional data from these options. If your problem solved, that’s good.

But if you go through such errors again then. Uninstall the Facebook app from your android device. Then you have to restart the android device. As the device is on install a new and updated version of the Facebook app or Facebook messenger app. I think the error message issue is resolved.

Moreover, if you are interested in restoring your Facebook messenger’s data which has been lost during this process. Then follow the next two and easy steps which help you in restoring the data. Go to the file manager of your Android device and select the SD card option.

Here you will find three more options where local storage is selected. Uncheck the local storage and check the external storage now all of your data will be stored on your SD card. It never is deleted even your android device is factory data rest or change your device.

Check out the full infographic below.

Pname Com Facebook Orca Infographic

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