How About Visiting Neelum Valley for Your Vacation Trip

Vacations arrived, and you want to visit a place where you will spend your time with peace? How about the trip to Neelum valley? iSelect life insurance quotes about the spectacular and majestic views of Neelam valley and its beauty. After a hectic routine and work pressure, trip to the Neelam valley will be a perfect plan for you to get yourself rest in an environment of peace and tranquility.

Relax through the panoramic view of the towering hills of Neelam valley with flourishing greenery and high altitude lakes. Captivating circumvention and the enchanting streams enhances the beauty of Neelum valley.

Some spectacular visiting points you can enjoy at Neelum valley includes:


At a distance of about 10 kilometers from KundalShahi, Athmuqam is a fascinating place for tourists where you can enjoy the hiking and trekking. Here you can also enjoy the spectacular valley view.


Kel is a valley at about the height of 2096 meters. Kel is another spectacular view in Neelam valley. Hotels are present in the valley to stay.  You can reach at Kel by hiring jeep or horses from Athmuqam.


At the altitude of about 8.379 feet, ArangKel is a tourist spot located on the hilltop near Kel in Neelam valley. You will fall in love with the natural beauty of ArangKel in Neelam valley when the dazzling sun rays fall over the lush green forestry greenery and over the top hills of mountains.


Sharda is located at a distance of about 30 kilometers from Dowarian. Overlooking the valley two mountain peaks named as Nadi and Shardi are present over the valley which is named after a dominated princess Sharda. The valley of Sharda has a landscape that is really captivating in view surrounded by the springs.


Taobat is a village in Neelum valley. But you will be astonished by the captivating scenery of this village. This village is a scenic view of natural beauty in Neelam valley. The village is at a distance of 38 km from Kel but is a must see place. The Taobat village is considered as the last stay or rests place of Neelum valley.

The Neelum River enters the Azad Kashmir by flowing down through Taobat.

What You Can Do in Neelum Valley?

When you enter the captivating premises of Neelum valley, the views of the valley will capture your heart in such a way that you will feel mentally relaxed forgetting all your work stress.

Still, if you need to ask what you can do in Neelum valley, here are a few things you can do in Neelum valley:

  • You can enjoy the dazzling beauty
  • You can do horse riding in Neelum valley
  • You can enjoy the fishing of trout in Neelum valley
  • You can enjoy trekking in the valley
  • The people of the Neelum valley are very hospitable; you will love to meet them.
  • You will love to enjoy the waterfall points of Neelum valley

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