A Guide To Buying Dining Room Furniture

Your dining room is a spot that’s full of warmth, connection and food – finding the right furniture will only add to it’s welcoming ambiance!

Formal or informal?

Your first point of consideration is to decide whether you want a formal or informal dining room. This largely depends on your family and lifestyle. If you have younger kids and pets then you may want to consider going for an informal, relaxed feel that you and your family can enjoy for your day-to-day meals. Do you love entertaining? Opt for a more formal fit! Guests visiting and dining often will mean that you want a setting that’s refined and sophisticated, perfect for social occasions.


Once you’ve decided on your dining room’s formality, it’s time to find your style. For this you need to evaluate your home as a whole. If your taste is stripped back and minimal, then consider a modern or contemporary style that will be clean and monochromatic. If you lean more towards a warm and relaxed feel, the rustic or country aesthetic will fit your dining room well. Use your style category to determine the types of materials you’ll be using as well as the colour scheme and layout options.


So you’ve found your style, now what? Break down what furniture you can logically accommodate in your dining space. If you’re short on room, opt for the minimal structure of dining set. If you have the luxury of more space, you can consider incorporating some additional storage elements – this can include cabinets, bookcases or a sideboard.

Choosing the Dining Table

Begin with the room’s centrepiece – the dining room table! The most defining element of this piece will be the material that it’s crafted from, which will continue to set the tone of the dining room as a whole. Some materials to consider are:

Timber – A timber table is great for an informal and relaxed setting, this is perfect for the rustic feel home that enjoys warm tones.

Glass – This option will fit a minimalist home. It’s elegant, refined and barely there impact is a graceful addition to a space that favours the modern and contemporary aesthetics.

Metal – A sleek and statement choice, a metal table will look stylish in an industrial or contemporary environment. Opt for warmer finishes like copper or brass to avoid the room looking too cold and sterile.

Marble – This is a dramatic and luxurious choice but highly effective for a mid-century modern style home. If you’re a lover of sculptural and artistic elements then this would be a great option, especially for a more formal dining room.

Be sure to remember to keep to the scale of the room. If your dining area is going to be in your kitchen or you have an open plan space then this is especially important. Avoid any incorrect fittings by having a few goes with a measuring tape, that way once you find the table of your dreams you can be confident in your purchase and how it’s going to work with your home.

Keep in mind that tables should conform to a few measurement rules, with the average piece sitting at 75cm in height. Consider how many people will be dining and how much leg room they’re going to be needing in order to sit comfortably.

This is an incredibly defining feature, so be sure to explore online and in store to be sure that your choice is going to work for you now and in the future.

Choosing the Dining Chairs

You’ve selected your perfect centrepiece in a style that suits your home – time to find the chairs to match!

Shop for chairs that are in the same aesthetic as your table for a coherent and logical look, or, why not get playful? Add contrast by choosing a lighter colour or a different material for an exciting and eclectic look. This mix and match option is best for more relaxed spaces however a two tone formal look can be highly effective and just as stylish – it all depends on your desired effect!

When you’re on the hunt for the right chairs you need to consider whether you want a carver, with arms, or a standard, which doesn’t have arms. This should depend on your space availability and formality preferences.

Upholstered dining chairs are the most traditional and formal option. Opt for a tightly woven or microfibre textile to avoid any spillage dramas, or choose a raw wooden piece for a more bohemian vibe.

If you find yourself feeling slightly overwhelmed with the decision of matching chairs to tables, a dining furniture package is a genius solution. These table and chair combinations are perfectly matched with coordinating style, size and height to make your decision easier!

Added Storage

Spare room in your dining area? Fill it with extra storage! You don’t have to place items associated exclusively with your meal times. Use a tallboy to store books, newspapers and clutter, or choose a sideboard as a more traditional dining room piece. Sideboards are a perfect option for stashing away your cutlery and crockery when they’re not in use.

A sideboard really contributes to the homely feel of a dining area, so it’s a lovely option if you’re looking to tie your space together.

By taking the time to decide on style, size and materials you’ll be sure to end up with your perfect dining area that works for your meal times and your home.

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