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Forza Horizon 4 Analysis

Playground Games returns to the fray with Forza Horizon 4, the new installment in the “Horizon” saga of Forza for Xbox One and Windows 10, which will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass.

With new activities and game modes, more personalization options and a new system with the seasons, Forza Horizon 4 is consolidated as one of the best proposals to play this fall.

Like the autumnal weather that rages through the British Isles, Forza Horizon 4 approaches the stores around the world with the force of a gale, and with the beauty of a sunset with golden leaves.

The new installment of the Playground Games series for Xbox One and Windows 10 takes us to the lands of Great Britain to once again enjoy a fun and extensive open-world driving experience, offering a wide variety of content for lovers of the engine.

The great novelty of this release is its new climatology system based on the seasons of the year, which greatly expands the experience with a dynamic world, which changes with each season to offer highly differentiated gameplay depending on the weather.

But this is not the only novelty with which Forza Horizon 4 has to conquer the players.

From the different activities and game modes to the customization options, the graphics finish, or the design of your world.

Forza Horizon 4 manages to improve in all aspects to the previous installment of the saga, just as we are going to explain below.

The Forza Horizon saga remains unbeatable

To Caesar what is Caesar’s? It’s amazing what has been achieved here by Playground and Microsoft to deliver a game that enjoys an overwhelming visual quality.

Incredible at the level of lighting, effects, details such as the interior of some houses are perfectly modeled and invite out of the car and walk through the area peeping through the windows.

It is brutal, and also holds the guy until there is a good handful of cars hitting the screen.

The same happens in the playable, with vehicles that seem to understand weight better than ever and only in some cases (very few) seem more concerned with skating as if floating than offering a more or less credible experience.

Because we are facing an arcade game, but one that usually makes a lot of concessions.

Your story, as usual, to forget. A mere excuse to have you here and there testing new vehicles and savoring new lands.

Yes it seems to me rather more awkward than in previous deliveries and, above all, much more vague.

What used to be to go from one area to another to open a new venue for the festival and open up other types of routes, here is something anecdotal, behind a bar of progress and a seasonal change.

The arrival of winter here is the only excuse that more or less offers a change to the height, and that is that Great Britain can be a beautiful land.

But it is repetitive as it cannot and is limited to mountains, plains, a lake and a brief tour of a coastal road that is neither California Highway 1 nor much less the Cote d’Azur.

The same thing is mine, but I see a much more conservative approach and, above all, a remarkable step back.

The ambition well-guarded, for when it is necessary

Everything is reduced to a pim, pam, pum in a huge prologue that lasts a sigh and knows a timid campaign, I’m not especially excited.

It is true that after that the game opens, even more, new events arrive and the feeling of being able to keep raising the bar is there, but by then you have seen practically everything the game can offer.

If you have not gone crazy buying a piece, it is very likely that you can arrive with one of the best cars in the game and a large part of the map already covered?

It is true that you will always have new roads to see, but they will be those of another bucolic forest or some charming little town that will be very similar to the ones you just saw.

The same is the time to assume that with fictitious maps this can be much more interesting than trying to “replicate” (among many quotes) the real ones.

The approach to online, the last big asset of ‘Forza Horizon 4’, is sure that it is something that is capable of winning over a large part of the community.

But has had the bad luck to come across me and my lack of patience for the toxicity and bad practices in driving games.

I want to enjoy the game alone and I want the surprise to come from well thought out and better-executed circuits, not from repeating the same races with different types of vehicles or allowing the spectacular prologue to be used to cover a special event gap (as in the case of the race against motorcycles). Read Forza horizon 4 guide

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