File Formats Supported By The Online Video Converter

Video conversion is considered to be a process that is tedious and tiring. Many individuals take the help of applications and software to get the job done. However, on the other side, some people take the help of the online video converter, which makes the work easy and simple to do.

Many video converters provide good-quality services to convert videos into various types of formats. However, it is important to choose the best video converter that is secure and safe enough to keep your data protected from online theft or malware issues.

Therefore, in this document, you will get information on various formats, which helps in supporting this popular video converter. To know more, check the information provided below.

Types of formats for video converters online

Given below are different types of formats that are supported by the video converter.

Audio-video interleave (AVI)

The AVI or audio-video interleave is the most compatible and oldest video file format. Numerous types of codecs can be used along with the AVI file. This particular format provides the flexibility to choose the balance between size and quantity.

Therefore, these files are pictured to be much larger when compared with the other file formats. However, it makes AVI less suitable for the internet, but much more ideal for storing movies on computers.

Window media video (WMV)

The window media video is a file format, which was created by Microsoft. The codecs that are used for this file is small but carries poor quality. The format is considered to be helpful if you are using the older version of the Windows computer, and you wish to send a video file through it.

Above all, there is one advantage that comes along with this file format. It stands out to be the only format where it enables users to share and upload the video files through the e-mail system.

Apple quick time movie (MOV)

Apple took the responsibility to develop the MOV file format so that it could be used with its Quicktime player. These files are pictured to be of high quality but pretty large when it comes to size. However, this file format should work only with the Quicktime player, otherwise, it is not supported by a type of platform.

The format is considered to be pretty helpful if you are considering saving a high-quality video into your Apple computers. The file format is not limited to be played on Apple computers, as there is a free version of the Quicktime player available as well.

Flash video format (FLV)

The FLV files are a type of video that is encoded by the Adobe Flash player, with the help of codecs like Sorenson Spark. However, the use of these file formats has decreased at a rapid pace, as Flash is no longer that popular back it was before.

This all happened when Flash ended its support with all the OS devices. The use of these particular file format can only be supported if you need to support a legacy system, which only accepts this type of file system.

The FLV is also used by video converting sites, as they remain to be high quality even when they are compressed into a smaller file size. This means, the video on the web will load faster and too much bandwidth will not be spent.

How to choose the best file format?

Selecting a good file format will entirely depend on the video and what you wish to do with it. It is important to choose a file format, which will help in providing you with high-quality videos that you desire. The high-quality videos can be moved, shared, converted, and managed.

Additionally, it is also important to note the fact on how the files will be viewed. Therefore, all file formats are not the same and cannot be opened from a specific website or a browser. Given below are some of the points that cover how you can choose the best file format for your videos. They are:

  • If you wish to use the videos on the internet, then you need to choose a file format for your videos that supports the browser.
  • When you are thinking of archiving a home video look for a file format for your video that is of high-quality and carries the chance to be payable in the future.
  • If you are a part of a firm that uses the older version of windows, make sure to choose a file format that is highly compatible and compressed.

With the above-mentioned points, it will be easier for you to choose the best file format for your video, which will satisfy your needs and wants.

Final words!

The information provided in this document will help you have a clear understanding of the types of file formats that is suitable to use on online video converter. However, it will also give you the chance to choose the best file format for your video, according to your needs.

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