Features You Need In a Time Duration Calculator for Employee Time Tracking

If your employees are inefficient and disorganized, you could suffer financial losses and see an exodus of your valuable clients. You can prevent that from happening by using employee time tracking software. In addition, it can help increase the productivity and efficiency of your workforce.

No one wants to underperform at work, but some employees can get easily distracted and become complacent. You can use a time duration calculator to track and calculate the exact number of hours or minutes spent on each task.  

With this advanced tool, you’ll obtain considerable information about your employees’ activities. Then, you can analyze it to develop a strategy to help them focus and improve their productivity. You can also settle payroll efficiently with the help of the calculator.

There are a lot of tools that do an excellent job of employee time tracking. Choose the time duration calculator that meets your company’s requirements and has these features.

Works on All Devices

Not all employees work from an office. Some work in locations where it is not possible to carry personal computers or laptops. So, the time tracking tool must work on all devices – desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. 

Your employees should be able to clock in and out via any device and from anywhere. In addition, the software should be compatible with multiple platforms, so you don’t have to buy your employees specific devices.   

Face Recognition

According to a study by the American Payroll Association, more than 75 percent of companies lose money from buddy punching. Buddy punching occurs when an employee asks another person to clock in on their behalf. It is a form of time theft and employee fraud. 

You can prevent buddy punching by using a time duration calculator that has a face recognition feature. It uses photos of your employees to verify their identities and only allows the right employee to clock in. This way, all your employees will be accountable for their work hours. 

GPS Location Tracker

You need a GPS location tracker if a large number of your employees work in the field. With this feature, you may track the exact location of every employee. In addition, you can check the sites they visited. 

You can also determine how much time they spent at each location. And the GPS location tracker lets you monitor your employees’ movement in real-time. So you can easily monitor their whereabouts at all times.  

Instant Payroll

The instant payroll feature allows you to prepare your monthly, weekly, and daily payrolls quickly and easily. As a result, you do not have to waste hours every month-end or week to review your timesheets, calculate billable hours and prepare your payroll reports. 

With the instant payroll feature, you can pull the timesheet data to generate several detailed reports instantly. You can also export it to your payroll service provider.           

Job Costing 

With job costing, you can determine how many hours an employee took to complete a job. You can also calculate the hourly rate as well as find out the total cost of the job. The calculator also enables you to generate reports to analyze and forecast labor costs across multiple locations. 

DCAA Compliant 

Does your business offer services to the U.S. Department of Defense? If yes, your timekeeping system has to be compliant with the guidelines set by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). In addition, you have to follow its standards for timesheet preparation and timekeeping policy. 

So, when you are shopping for an employee time tracking tool, select the one that can keep your business DCAA-compliant. If your employees’ timesheets are equipped with a DCAA compliant audit log, it will ensure an accurate record of their work hours. 

Manual Entry

Your tracking tool may fail to automatically record an employee’s work hours due to a glitch. When that happens, there has to be an option to do manual entry. Otherwise, you will have no record of your employee’s work for that day. The tool’s manual entry option should be easy-to-use, enabling you to create or update sheets with few clicks. 

time duration calculator can help you better manage your employees and curb time fraud. For example, you can ascertain if they are really spending time on assigned tasks. It also enables you to use the timesheet to generate payrolls, invoices, and other reports. And when you use the employee time tracking tool, you also get a better understanding of your employees. 

To sum it up, with a time tracker, you can make sure your employees show up for work on time, and stay productive when at work. 


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