Home Education Essential Items to Prepare for Studying Abroad in Australia

Essential Items to Prepare for Studying Abroad in Australia

Essential Items to Prepare for Studying Abroad in Australia

Now that you have gained admission into a reputable Australian higher institution, the next is to start preparing for life as an international student in Australia.  You will need to sort your passport, visa, and of course, tickets. Alongside these, there are some essential items you need to pack. If you are not sure what to go with or not, this article is for you. Below, we have listed all the essential items you need to prepare for studying abroad in Australia. Read on!

Important Documents

You will need some essential documents for your trip to Australia as an international student. These documents will also help you to get settled as soon as possible in your new city. These documents include passport, e-Visa, airport pickup confirmation email, academic transcripts of tertiary studies, Offer letter, and Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). Others are; driver’s license (if any), medical history, credit or debit cards, immunization records, birth certificates, and other important educational records.

Clothing and Personal Items

As you would expect, chances are the weather in Australia will differ significantly from your country of origin.  Generally, Australia is known for is hot, dry summers, and of course, cold, wet winters.  The summers usually run from November to April, while the winter spans May to October.  So, it is essential to come with clothing and personal items that will suit each weather. The ideal clothing items for summer include lightweight clothes and runners/sandals. However, you will need heavier clothing for winter, for instance, a waterproof jacket, winter coat, and sweaters. You can pair these with shoes or boots.  Jeans are great for spring and autumn, alongside jumpers or lightweight jackets. Your sportswear and swimwear are also essential.

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Away from clothing items, you might need personal items like hairdryers, shavers, toiletries, bath towels, pajamas, bathrobes, footwears, sewing kit, spare contact lenses or medical glasses, and a laptop or tablet.

A sizable backpack

Yes, your school is most likely situated in an Australian city, chances are you will spend most weekends in other places.  This means you will need a big backpack where you can keep your personal items while on the move.  A hiking backpack is usually a good fit, with its multiple pockets and sections.  With this, you have all it takes to explore Bryon Bay or Melbourne at your convenience, without moving around with heavy suitcases or duffel bags

Camera and Journal

As an international student in Australia, you are moving into a new environment. There are a lot of new places and new experiences awaiting you in Australia. And if you are the type that likes to document things, a camera and a journal will come quite handy for you.  With a camera, you can take lots of pictures and share with your friends and loved ones over social media.  Also, you can put your experiences and times in new places in a journal.  A well-written travel journal is timeless – it preserves your exciting memories as an international student in Australia for as long as possible.

Different Shoes

Yes, we mentioned shoes earlier in our discussion, and the truth is you will need a variety of them as an international student studying abroad in Australia. While flip flops will serve you while you are indoor or when you are at the poolside and beach, you will need sneakers to go for a run or hiking alongside your friends.

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If you fancy time outs at the local bars and clubs, you will need fancier shoes.  For guys, the standards are nice sneakers and dress shoes, while ladies can make do with either gladiator sandals or heels.  You must meet the standard club attire requirements before you can be admitted into any club in Australia. So, it is essential to travel with the right shoes, except, of course, you are not the club or nightlife type.

Slang app or guidebook

Like other locations and cities of the world, Australian cities are known for their unique, and sometimes tricky slangs.  These words and phrases are thrown around frequently and chances are you have never heard them before. They may be in the form of abbreviations or short forms of conventional words. For instance, Aussie locals may refer to ‘expensive’’ as ‘exy’’ or ‘afternoon’’ as ‘arvo.’’ These slangs come up in almost all local conversations, making it difficult for a foreigner to converse correctly with locals.

This is why you need an Australian phrase or slang book. You can find all Aussie slangs, their meanings, and usage in these books. There are also slang apps you can download on your mobile devices, which will help you master Australian slangs and improve your communication as an international student studying abroad in Australia.


Sunscreen is an essential item for every international student looking to study in abroad. While you can do without one in other places, an Australian summer without sunscreen is not what you want to imagine.  Australia is commonly referred to as a ‘sunburnt country’’, and this is because its temperatures can go as high as 40-50 degrees during the summer months. Hence, you the sun is, most times, at its peak and going about without a sunscreen means you are exposing your eyesight to such enormous brightness.

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Another reason you should have your sunscreen on during summer in Australia is that it protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays come from the hole in the Ozone layer in the Australian atmosphere


While it is almost impossible to exhaust the list of essential items to bring to Australia as an international student,  let’s mention other things like green and gold clothing items, recipes from home, power adapters for your laptops and other electrical goods.

Finally, alongside all these items, come with your sense of adventure as an international student studying abroad in Australia. This will help you get the best out of your stay in Australia. Australia is a great country for international students, and you will enjoy your stay.  For more helpful tips about studying in Australia as an international student, check out Tips and News of CatEight.

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