Good Online Portfolio Must Have Essential Elements

Currently, it is not only designers who have an online portfolio. Having an online presence has become essential nowadays and in fact, many other people are dedicated to creating blogs to share specific content related to their career or area of expertise. They also use social networks to promote themselves and show their work to the world. There is always the possibility that some customers may contact you through social networks if they see your projects that they like and they think you are the right person to take charge of their new projects.

Although it seems unlikely it could be the case. It all depends on how you use your resources on social networks. But, before starting with social networks or blogs, it is essential to have a website where you can show your portfolio, your curriculum vitae, talk about the experiences of each project and offer information about the types of projects in which you are interested. For this reason, in this article, we mention the elements that are characteristic of a large online portfolio.

Include your logo

Your logo represents you as a brand. A logo can make your business look more professional and this is a desirable feature in every business, be it small or large. So make sure that your logo is visible on the home screen, you can even keep it insight if you decide to use a vertical menu or some other resource so that the logo is always visible.

You can also include a slogan. All brands have a slogan that briefly describes who they are and allows an emotional connection with potential customers, of course, if it has been written correctly. Other people simply decide to briefly describe what they do under their logo or on their home page, which is also good so that people who visit your portfolio have no doubts about it.

Includes a Contact Form

The objective of having a portfolio is for interested people to see samples of your work and to contact you to help them with their projects. For this reason, you must have a contact form in your portfolio. This form should be simple to complete so that your clients can do it quickly. Also, you must make sure that you are asking for the necessary information, for example, an email or contact number of your potential client so that you can answer their questions. You must make sure that the system does not fail and that the emails are sent to the correct account. If your form has a bug, you are losing potential customers.

Another possibility, additional to the form, is to offer links on social networks. Suddenly some customers prefer to use this method of communication or want to send you an image so you can make a budget. So offer options to your potential customers.

Include Only Your Best Projects

Because of the importance of the first impression, you should think about quality rather than quantity. Carefully select the projects that deserve a place on your online portfolio – those projects that can dazzle your future clients.

To determine your best projects, you must take into account the initial objective of the project and how it is achieved through the work you have presented. With some critical sense, which you probably already have if you are a designer or developer, then you can easily choose your best projects.

Include Only Your Best Projects

Includes Category Filters

If you have worked in different fields, it would be useful to classify your projects by categories to facilitate navigation on your site. In this way, your potential clients will only enter the category that interests them. Some customers may decide to visit other categories, but in the same way, you must take into account all users and improve navigation for those who have only come to review the projects that have to do with their needs. For example, if a customer visits the section of the web projects that you have developed, he is likely interested in creating or redesigning his website.

Includes Testimonials

The social demonstration is a factor that affects the decision of your potential customers. In this case, a social demonstration not only refers to the number of followers that you have in social networks but also to the clients for whom you have made projects and have been satisfied with the final result.

It is a way to show that you are good. Just by looking at your portfolio, a potential client comes to know your style, the types of projects you work on and the experience you have had. But listening to a recommendation from one of your clients saying how responsible you are and how you meet the deadlines is a different thing.

Your future client wants to know in what circumstances you have completed these projects and a way to know these facts is through a testimony.

Indicate the Type of Projects You Accept

You must indicate the types of projects you perform and the area you specialize because the field of design is quite broad. You can have several fields that are of interest to you, but you must mention them in the same way. In this way, your potential client knows in advance what kind of projects you do. For example, if you have a magazine on your site, indicate if you have designed the layout or the cover or make a collage, etc. Otherwise, your clients may have a wrong idea of what you do and may ask you for help in their projects having misconceptions about your work.

Include Additional Information About You

Since your potential customers do not know you face to face, in some cases, it may not even be possible because they are in another location and even in another country, you must include personal information. A short personal biography is enough to give that human touch to your portfolio. Describe your personality, your tastes, what you like to do in your free time, etc. This biography must describe you as a person, you can mention your abilities, but the text should focus on you as a person.

Because of the importance of the first impression, you should think about quality rather than quantity. Carefully select the projects that deserve a place on the online portfolio by app developers – those projects that can dazzle your future clients.

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