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Elevator Shoes for the Office

Have you ever noticed that many people take off their shoes as soon as they get to the office? It’s always about stepping into more comfortable shoes or sandals for walking around the office. This goes for both men and women who have different shoes for attending internal and external meetings. It’s hilarious to watch people scrambling to wear shoes when they are called by the boss or when an important client walks into the office. The question is, why do we own uncomfortable shoes that are only good on face value but lack in functionality and comfort?

Comfort is ugly; or is it?

No pain no gain. Beauty comes with pain. We have all heard these statements and we decided to play by the book instead of changing the system. Many people think that comfort is boring and ugly because the most comfortable shoes are often (you guessed it), boring and ugly. We understand where this notion comes from when you picture Uggs. Uggs are warm and fuzzy but you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in them by your boss in the office.

GuidoMaggi is changing the face of comfort by creating shoes that are both stylish and comfortable enough to wear all day every day. Additionally, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes cater to all types of climatic seasons whereby you’ll be both stylish and comfortable in raised sandals during hot summers and you’ll equally be warm and cozy in height increasing boots during biting winters.

We have grown accustomed to comfort being ugly because no one has been willing to change the game in the shoe industry until GuidoMaggi by Emanuele Briganti came around.

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Elevator shoes for the office

The ideal office shoe is comfortable and compact enough to classify as formal or official wear. GuidoMaggi has the best elevator shoes for men for the office made from full grain Italian leather to assure you of the highest quality all through to the sole of the shoes. Formal office wear for men come in a variety of solid black and brown colors that work perfectly with cut throat suits for Monday meetings and closing business deals.

GuidoMaggi goes a step further into catering for everyone’s preference by providing a wide array of loafers that would fit perfectly in a serious office setup and casual business setting for a light work lunch meeting. The loafers include additional bright colors such as green, blue, and maroon that are perfect for adventurous men that do not want to squeeze into one fashion trend.

When your sense of adventure comes calling, reach out for the exotic leather range of office elevator shoes for men that are made from the skin of crocodiles and pythons. This will definitely be an ice breaker with that high-stress client you’ve been dealing with and the shoes may help you seal a deal.

Women tend to have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to office wear and GuidoMaggi is keen to meet this variety. Elevator shoes for women for the office include the Vienna collection, Paris, Cannes, and Geneve, which are brogue-looking shoes that are super comfortable for a full day wear. Women can wear height increasing boots to the office during the various cold seasons without breaking the office dress code. Additionally, GuidoMaggi presents elevator shoes sneakers for women that are perfect for casual Fridays at work and outdoor work events.

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The most notable aspect of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for the office is that they increase the wearer’s height instantly while still providing a soft cushion for the feet all day long. You can now stand taller and bolder in office meetings without compromising on style and comfort.

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