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Contemporary Art Inspired Creativity in the Workplace

Corporate Offices incorporate contemporary art to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the premises and create an encouraging environment for their clients. Some even go to the extent of creating their collections and auction them for various causes, to create a brand name for themselves. Research has shown incorporating original artwork does not only offer various ways to inspire employees, but also allows them to relax and be part of the corporate culture that the firm has to offer.

Beyond the search for meaning, there are a lot of other utilities which art can give by providing a new direction to a mind which is stagnant or stuck, and encourage new ways of thinking. As leaders, the people working in companies should support art-related interventions as today investing in contemporary art itself can create the right image of the company.

It is prevalent to find Corporates investing huge money on contemporary art to imbibe a sense of personality in their offices. Here are some commonly hung pieces of Contemporary art in professional settings.

  1. The Persistence of Memory- This magnificent painting by Salvador Dali is one that is considered very precious by its owners. It features four clocks that remind everybody of the influence of time and space.
  2. Mountains and Sea- This painting by Helen Frankenthaler, featuring oil and canvas is known to have a calming effect.
  3. Down the River – This abstract art piece by Oliver Gal adds a dynamic touch to your office.

Viewing Modern art paintings can stir a lot of new ideas, thoughts and values in the employees. It would introduce more perspectives on the work which happens in the workplace. It will integrate the employees as a team, and help them become more accepting of each other. It can be an astonishing experience for some of the managers and employees, no matter what their background.

One of the biggest influences that viewing large wall art can have on corporate minds is that it can enhance their creativity with every inch. It would create a significant difference in the upcoming performance and can help the company excel in today’s highly competitive environment. It can also be used to attract more clients as it can add more depth to your brand image. You will eventually become a holistic brand because of its encouragement for aesthetic value.

It implies that contemporary art can help relax people during stressful situations just by its presence in the respective room. It can be therapeutic in cases where there is a requirement to remain calm. It subconsciously assures people of their credibility while also encouraging them to improve their skill set and commitment to the corporate. Though the experience is subjective, there are certain art pieces which have proved to do so pervasively. A curated art collection embodies the corporate value behind a firm, reflecting innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

There are a lot of mediums which can intrigue your employees and clients in all ways. It can be used for varied reasons, like making the entrance or the meeting room lively, or help employees personalize the space according to what makes them feel better.

It will help the racing and wandering minds of the employees to be stable and will enable them to live in the present. It can also help them reduce their nervousness and anxiety and also encourage them to be happy while they work and radiate a feeling of  self-assurance.

The best part of contemporary art is its ability to create comments about the world. This can add a lot of perspective for your employees and can help them become more human in their actions and outlooks. It can then create a conducive, integrated environment. In the end, it all derives from the concept behind the collection and the detailed strategy developed and implemented to communicate the end-client’s values, philosophy and passion to support the culture of the company and enhance the overall interior design.


Contemporary painting can push your employees to become a better version of themselves, and after that, it can enhance the current status of your company in all ways- be it the performance or the EQ or the teamwork. Every person would perceive the artwork influenced by his views and hence yield a different opinion over it. In a corporate environment, it increases acceptability to different views and ideas, while still maintaining a common ground among the members of the corporate.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you introduce contemporary art to your workplace, especially if you wish to work with humans and not machines. Every human requires stimulus to produce his best efforts consistently, day in and day out. Contemporary Art can change the landscape of your world.

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