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Gone are the days when we used to make coffee with the help of a coffee pot. Whereas, a few years ago the coffee makers stepped their foot in the market and changed the whole game of making a nice cup of coffee. In the beginning, there were not these technologies in the best drip coffee makers that we have now. They were just the best basic coffee makers and just offered coffee brewing features. Today I am about to introduce some new gen coffee makers that have the best possible technologies and features. Whereas, these coffee makers did not just make the brewing of coffee easy but also have some interesting features that anyone would like to have. That said let me introduce these best drip coffee makers to you guys.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-ways

Hamilton beach

This is probably one of the best coffee makers that have not only the affordable price but also offers the best possible features that everyone loves. But here the interesting thing is that it has a large capacity of 12 cups.

However, if you’re a person who is living in a small apartment alone and need a single serve coffee maker, then there is no better option than the Hamilton beach flexbrew 2-ways coffee maker.

Because it also has a single serve option. You can call it a 2 in 1 coffee maker. To prove that let me go in depth about this drip coffee maker.

Above everything, I would like to mention the programmable nature of the coffee maker where it allows you can set up a pre-timer for 24 hours and a cup of coffee will be ready for you in the morning before you go to your kitchen.

Moreover, if you want to remove the carafe from the coffee maker during the brewing process, you can do that and the coffee maker will automatically stop the process in order to avoid the spilling of the coffee so that it does not make any mess on your countertop.

Furthermore, the coffee maker offers a warm cycle feature which keeps the coffee warm and fresh for 2 hours without having an effect on the taste of the coffee.

But keep in mind, the keep warm cycle feature is switch off automatically after 2 hours and then you can think about brewing another cup of coffee because the coffee will turn cold and obviously it wouldn’t taste the way it was during the feature activation period.

The most important thing which should be considered is that the coffee maker is an SCAA certified which means you can completely rely on it without thinking about that you might face some issues in the quality.

Once a product is certified by SCAA it means, it’s proven that it’s a better one.

Let’s talk about the design a bit. Hamilton beach flexbrew 2-ways coffee maker looks modern and is manufactured from high-quality plastic.

The buttons on the coffee maker allow you to choose different brewing options with ease and it wouldn’t take long to have a nice cup of coffee.

The buttons actually allow you to brew 12 cups of coffee or 1 cup of coffee. Now it depends on you which option to choose.

Anyhow, the coffee maker is perfectly and strongly designed which will look great on your countertop. With the organized design, you’re getting a proper mapping of everything and that’s what makes the coffee maker compact and look good.

It’s pretty simple to use. All you can do is to fill up the water reservoir with cold or warm water, choose between the brewing options with the help of the buttons and boom you’re good to go. That’s simple it is.

The only drawback here is that you don’t have the single serve mug which you have to purchase separately from the package.


There no doubt in this that the Hamilton beach flexbrew 2-ways is one of the best coffee makers for home and offers on top of the line features within the low-end price. So you’re into coffee makers these days and want to buy one for yourself. This one is probably the best pick I have made for you. Get your hands on it and experience the best coffee of your dreams with Hamilton beach flexbrew 2-ways.

Breville The Grind Control

breville the grind control

You wouldn’t have experienced a coffee maker which not only brew the coffee but also grind the coffee beans. Yes, the Breville The Grind Control is one of those coffee makers that also grind the coffee for you.

Apart from that, it also comes with tons of options which make it the best coffee maker for home. Categorized in the coffee makers which has the capacity of 12 cups, which is enough for your whole family.

But if you want to brew a single cup of coffee with this best coffee maker, you can also do that. I am about to get into more details in order to help you know more about Breville The Grind Control.

Speaking of the coffee maker’s design, it’s not that fancy as the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 2-ways coffee maker but I can assure you that the Breville The Grind Control has the excellent performance. The impressive part is the usability and different functionalities of the coffee maker.

Moreover, same like modern coffee makers, the Breville the grind control also has the programmable options. Which means you can program the coffee maker at night and the coffee will get ready in the morning on its own.

The LCD screen on the coffee maker will tell you exactly what the coffee maker is doing. Above that, we have these convenient buttons that always obey your fingertips. All you have to do is to command the coffee maker with the help of these buttons and you’re good to go.

The most convenient thing is that you can manually select the cup size on the coffee maker which allows you not to waste the coffee. The cup will fill up exactly as the option is selected. Furthermore, there are other features that are liked by most of the people.

However, the coffee maker is large in size which might not be suitable for your small countertop. But if you have a large countertop in your kitchen then go for this coffee maker, it would look nice in your kitchen.


Breville The Grind Control has become a great companion and best coffee maker for people over the years. The classy design and all other features categorize Breville The Grind Control in the best coffee makers for home. So if you need one a multi-cup coffee maker then it’s another best option for you but here you have to pay a little more for the features the coffee maker is providing.

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