“The data speaks for itself. That is the easiest measure of success.”

Caitlin Smallwood

But, how does the data speak, that too by itself? 

That is where an expert data professional steps in. A total of 5.16 billion people around the world use the internet at the beginning of 2023, which is equivalent to 64.4% of the world’s population. A recent study claims that the world has been creating 3.5 quintillion bytes of data every 24 hours this year. With the World Economic Forum predicting an estimated 463 exabytes of data to be generated every day globally by 2025; this is a humungous opportunity to cash on for all aspiring data science professionals.

Who is a Data scientist?

Dr. Jennifer Pristley, a renowned Professor of Statistics and Data Science, explains a data scientist’s role as someone who is better at explaining the business implications of analytical results than any scientist, and better at the analytical science than an MBA. Isn’t that a massive responsibility that this role brings in?

As a data scientist, you are the lifeblood flowing through every business process in an organization. You could easily handicap an organization by providing dislocated data insights; if underqualified. your responsibility as a Certified Data Scientist involves the;

  • Data collection and identifying data sources
  • Analyzing huge amounts of structured as well as unstructured data
  • Creating solutions and strategies for business problems
  • Working with teams to develop strategies
  • Discovering trends and patterns
  • Presenting data via data visualization techniques
  • Constructing data engineering pipelines
  • Supporting data professionals, BI developers, and analysts on cost optimization and effort estimation
  • Boosting general effectiveness and performance
  • Collaborating with several teams to offer data-driven solutions
  • Leading discussions and assessing solution feasibility

Top Data science Skills to Master:

Data science skills are nothing but the core extension of your already existing skillsets that you put forth for a flourishing career. These are the bare necessity anyone must showcase at the time of recruitment with giant industry players around the world. For a data scientist to become invincible, you must arm yourself with;

Technical skills:

  • Data Wrangling:

Dealing with messy and incomplete data could be the usual beginning of a data scientist’s workday. Data wrangling is the process of collecting, cleaning, and transforming data into meaningful formats. It is interchangeably used with data munging or data cleaning.

  • Data visualization:

Data visualization involves the graphical representation of data using visual elements such as charts, graphs, etc

  • Programming:

Python, R, C, Scala, SAS, and many others need to be on your portfolio to get cracking with a data science professional’s role. 

  • Deep learning:

Making the process of predictive modeling easier, deep learning assist professionals to gather, analyze, and interpret humungous data easily.

  • Machine learning:

Deploying ML algorithms such as Regression models, Random forests, etc; Machine learning brings in the conclusions quite conveniently.

  • Statistics and computing:

Statistics and computing skills provide varied tools and methods that can be deployed to process data.

  • Business Intelligence:

Mastering business expertise would help in amplifying business future insights and organizing business initiatives across levels.

  • Cloud computing:

Evaluating vast amounts of data daily calls for data scientists to leverage operational tools such as Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, etc.

  • Mathematics:

An astounding knowledge of numbers and works is highly beneficial in scaling your career in data sciences.

  1. Exploratory Data Analysis:

Employing visual tools to identify trends and patterns is the core of any data science role.

Non-technical skills:

  • Communication:
  • Data Intuition
  • Collaboration
  • Story Telling
  • Data governance and security
  • Team player
  • Operations management
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Domain skills

How can a Data Scientist Certification Help?

Proving your data science metal, and earning a shareable digital badge with one of the top data science certifications is the key to an escalated career. Certification is not just any other credential listed in your portfolio. Coupled with your core educational qualifications, a data science certification gained from the most trusted certifications provider around the globe is the right choice. These certifications are a tangible validation of the fact that you are equipped with the most sought-after data skills to help businesses grow ruthlessly. It honors your skillsets and allows you to apply for the top-rated data science roles raging in the industry worldwide. 


Allowing for a leveled-up field for a career that begins with a rewarding head start; data sciences is the in-thing of the future. Gear up to leverage the highest possible returns from the core skillsets that are made to assist you to earn around USD 130,000 annually among the lead data players, beginning this year. Make your dream data science career a reality with the trusted global certifications provider today!


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