Buying A House For Newbies: Factors To Consider

One of our dreams in life is to purchase a house where we can settle in with our family. It’s highly possible that this is the reason why you’re working so hard with two jobs because you’re in a hurry to achieve that dream. If you plan to buy house in Singapore, you can read this guide that will help you throughout the process.

Everyone deserves to have their own house, but doing so may need one to consider some factors. These factors will help you reflect on the characteristics a building needs to have to the perfect match.

The Neighbourhood

It would help if you found a neighborhood that fits your needs before you purchase. Does the property you’re looking at offer peace and quiet in a remote forest, or do you have loads of energy flowing from a busy city center? Would you like to walk every morning to a coffee shop or do you prefer not to encounter noisy neighbors?

Don’t hesitate to do your research before you start looking for a house. Drive around the community surrounding the house you have your eyes on to get the gist of what kind of neighborhood you’ll be living at.

Property’s Age

When thinking of buying a house that you’ll live at for the rest of your life, you might want to consider the property’s age. If you buy older and brand new homes each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Before making an offer, be mindful about the property you’re about to get. Older homes may need more maintenance than newer homes. If you’re fine with purchasing old property, you should have an expert inspect the whole property, including the lot to see if any issues need to be fixed. Doing so can save you a lot of stress in the future.

How Much You are Willing to Compromise

It’s equally important to take notice of which aspects of homeownership would make you unhappy, to what you would love to see in your dream home. You can steer your home search away from those characteristics in this way and avoid getting your idealistic living experience ruined by something unchangeable.

Focus on finding a smaller property that will allow you to have more space on your lot or broaden your target area to a less crowded space if you can not stand living too close to your neighbors’ house.

The house you’re looking at can be your best option, but it has a specific feature that you are not fond of. Are you willing to sacrifice letting go of the number one property on your list just because of that certain feature?

Or are you ready to compromise? If you are not fond of the idea of spending your weekends doing substantial pool maintenance, even if you enjoy the rest of the house, be careful to purchase a property that includes one. Most properties may come with some sort of compromise, but they should feel minimal when you’re talking about your dream home.


The secret in finding your dream home is how much space you really need. If you buy a place that is too small for your family, you will still want to have additional rooms built for the convenience of everyone. You should go for a house that has a lot of space, even though it may cost more.

Think about it, would you rather settle in a property that is too little to fit all your stuff or save enough money to buy a big property so the whole family can live happily and peacefully.


Your dream home could be more of a concern if the cost is not taken into consideration. Try not to extend the budget as much as possible. Know that more expenses than the monthly mortgage payment should be taken into account. Local taxes, regular services and membership fees should also be taken into account while buying a house.

If a property bid is received, the representative can contact the sellers. You may ask them to make the monthly and annual average payment breakdown. Take note that over time, these costs remain constant. If your circumstances change, like retirement or planned layoffs, you will always have to pay for them.

Make sure to not go overboard with your budget and set it to the exact amount you’ll be spending on the house. As you might want to make some renovations or additions to your home in the future, It’s best that you add more money to your budget for circumstances like this.

Size and Location of The Lot

When buying a house, the lot is always an afterthought. In reality, the lot should be at the forefront of every buyers’ mind. It’s one thing that can’t be modified about a house. You could knock a house down and rebuild it from scratch, and the lot would remain similar regardless of the improvements that you make.

Consider the location and size of the lot carefully before making an offer when looking at particular properties. Do not hesitate to turn down a house offered to you if you don’t like the lot. Looking for one that suits your preferences is a lot easier than having to settle with a lot that you know you won’t appreciate in the long run.

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