Save Extra Dollars with These DIY Home Fixes

Everybody wants to have their own home. The idea of being able to achieve their dream home can be a truly fulfilling experience. It’s the perfect place to have a chill time at night and be able to stay in on weekends.

Unfortunately, what many people don’t expect is that the upkeep costs of being a homeowner can take a toll. In order to keep the home running smoothly and serving its role as a sanctuary, necessary repairs have to be taken care of. These, however, may cost a lot of money. The good news is there are some around-the-house fixes that can be done by just anyone.

Here are a few home fixes that can be DIY’d (do it yourself):

Repainting the Walls

One of the most common home fixes that many homeowners do on their own is repainting the walls of the property. Whether it’s to fix a nail hole or to give the room a new look, repainting is an easy job that anyone can do.

Apart from giving the room a new look, repainting the room helps increase the value of the property. As long as the paint job is done right, it can definitely add flair to space. The secret here is to ensure that all the necessary tools are ready. This can help make the actual process of repainting the home much easier.

Patching Holes in Drywall

It’s almost impossible to avoid encountering holes in the walls of the home, but the good news is, most holes can be fixed cheaply and quickly. The easiest holes to fix are the holes that are left behind by nails and screws.

All that are needed to fix these holes are some putty knife and spackle. Fine-grain sandpaper may also be needed to sand down the wall until the surface becomes nice and flat. Finally, a coat of paint may be applied so that it matches the whole wall.

If the hole is larger, it can be trickier to fix. This will require drywall from scraps, a piece of wood, some screws, and drywall tape. The joint compound can also be slathered on the surface so that it is properly sealed off.

Unclogging a Clogged Toilet

Although it may seem nasty, a clogged toilet is one of the common problems that homeowners face. Apart from it being an unappealing task, the idea of unplugging a clogged toilet can get stressful since it requires urgency. The good news is that this is one home fix that can be DIY’d.

The common cause of a clogged toilet is usually a foreign object that becomes stuck in the toilet bowl. This is pretty common among households with young children. If this is the case, all that is needed is a pair of gloves to fish out the object. If this doesn’t work, a flange plunger may be used to clean the toilet.

There are also some plumbing supply stores that sell compressed air or carbon dioxide cartridge delivery tools. These provide stronger pressure, compared to ordinary plungers. They may cost more than a plunger does, but they can get the job done quickly. Not to mention, they are still the cheaper option when compared to hiring a plumber.

Another option is to invest in an upflush toilet system so you no longer need to deal with complex plumbing and its common issues at your home. This is an excellent choice when careful planning needs to be considered when installing the toilet at home. The upflush toilet system does not destroy expensive tiles and lets you save money on hiring a plumber.

Replacing a Light Switch

As a general rule, any household fix that deals with electricity should be done by a professional. This is because they are risky for someone inexperienced. But when it comes to replacing a light switch, this can be done by just about anyone.

This is a good way to take care of a switch that is not functioning properly or to install a dimmer switch. Before anything, however, it is important to switch off the circuit breaker. Once this has been taken care of, the faceplate covering the switch can be removed using a flathead screwdriver. The switch can then be removed using a head screwdriver.

There will be two wires connected to the switch via screws. Before doing anything, make sure that there is no electricity running through them. The wires can then be disconnected and attached to the new switch.

Once that’s done, everything can be put back together fairly easily.

Applying Caulk in Bathroom

Another home fix that can be DIY’d is to apply caulk to a tub, shower, sink, toilet floor, and bathroom wall. Caulk is a bead of rubbery material that creates a seal on the floors and walls and protects it from moisture. Since it glues itself in place, applying it can be done in a one-step process.

The hard part is to remove the residue left behind when replacing caulk. Thankfully, there are now a number of commercially available products that soften old caulk so it is easier to remove.

When the old caulk is removed, the area should be cleaned with paint thinner before installation. The next step is to use a caulking gun or tube of caulk to do the job easily.

Hiring a professional to fix something broken in your home can definitely be costly. But with several DIY options, the job can be done much faster and easier by the homeowner too.

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