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How Buy Best Christmas Trees for Small Rooms

The Christmas Season can often come with a caveat for those of us with smaller spaces, and that’s where to really put all the decorations! Most Christmas trees are 56 inches wide, enough to occupy almost a quarter of typical apartment and condominium living rooms, which is too much space! For these small spaces, artificial trees have evolved to solve that problem. With slim Christmas trees and pencil trees, folks with small living spaces but a big love of Christmas can have their tree and their space.

Here are top small trees brands for you.

Slim Christmas trees

Slim Christmas trees are artificial trees that are about 40 inches wide, considerably slimmer than the usual width of normal artificial trees (approximately 56 inches wide). They are a subtle option for those who want the full effect of regular artificial trees but cannot fit them into their decorating space.

Pencil trees

Pencil trees are even slimmer than slim Christmas trees, coming in decorative pots, and in funky shapes and colors. Because they come in such an assortment of styles, these artificial trees are perfect for the nontraditional decorator.

Tabletop artificial trees

Tabletop artificial trees are about 3 to 4 feet in height, and can adorn tabletops and other spaces. Taking up half the height of normal artificial trees, these can be scattered all over the home and each decorated with a different theme. These are also a nice idea for those who want an artificial tree per the bedroom, as these will not overwhelm any room, large or small.

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Flat back trees

Flat back trees are the best we’ve come across in space-saving artificial trees. Half the tree is in full width, and the other half is flat, to rest against the wall. It takes up half the width of regular artificial trees without sacrificing any of the traditional feel. These trees are best camouflaged against the wall, and decorated to your heart’s content. This way you’ll never need to have to choose which part of the tree the best ornaments go on, because it’s all facing one direction.

Make the most of your small rooms with these alternatives, and fill them with the joy of the season, without having to skimp on space. Artificial trees has one more big advantage you can use them next year. Us artificial trees storage box or bag to keep safe tree for next year.

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