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Best way to Download Youtube Video free in 2020

Download a video is very efficient since you can watch your favorite YouTube videos without having an internet connection. But a lot of people get confused or don’t have any idea about how to download a video from YouTube. 

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For starters, YouTube provides this service for free so you can download a video or download web series anytime or anywhere. You can download a YouTube from its app,  web or even from third-party sources. Also you can enjoy live video streaming on YouTube and if you want to know best Websites to download movies then just click on the link.

But keep in mind that downloading a video from third-party source is not legal while downloading from its web platform or app is absolutely legal. 

Downloading a video from the app is very easy where you can easily find the downloading option right below the video and you can enjoy this video till a limited time. 

That is why people prefer it downloading youtube videos to their PC and we are gonna tell you how to download a YouTube video to your PC. 

1 Install 4k video downloader

The first step you need to do is download and install a 4k downloader, it is a leading downloaded for PC. You can get it for free and download any type of file, whole playlist, 360 degree, and even 3d videos. 

When your download is finished then please check your box which is marked as ‘Launch’ and after that you will need to click on ‘Finish’ button. 

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2 Get the URL address of the video. 

The next step would require you to go video that you wish to download via your browser and get its URL link. You will have to copy the link. Now when you have copied the link you will be required to paste it, and for that, you will have to return to the 4k video and paste the link through the green paste link bottom that will be present on the top left. 

Further, you don’t need to do anything as the software will collect the information of the video and you will have to choose the format or quality in your next step. 

3 Choose the quality and format

There are a lot of options present regarding the quality and format of video. Although the original video has to be in the video quality that you wish to download. The quality of the video is very from 1080p to 240p. We recommend you to download the highest quality video if you wish to see in your PC. Although you can choose the quality that is provided these include, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p and 240p. The high definition videos will be in larger size and they will require more space in your device, further, they will also take a longer period to download the video.

Apart from quality, you will also get the choice in format too. You can download your video in mp4, Mkv, and 3gp format. Although mp4 is the best video format to download but again you can choose according to your convince. 

4 Download the video 

Once you have chosen the format and quality of video you can add now ready to download the YouTube video. Bear in mind that 4k downloader can download up to 24 video at once. 

After downloading the video you can find it in its downloading destination or you can just find it in the 4k video itself. 

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You can easily choose the destination for the downloaded video via a browse button which is present at the bottom. 

Just like that you have download your desired youtube video to your pc and now you can enjoy it anywhere anytime without having access to the internet. And You can get knowledge about apps, games and software at Techiwar so just go and check this out. 

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