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Best Tempered Glass Wall Partitions for Home – Trends In 2021

Glass has been there in architectural and construction usage for decades. The popularity of glass was increased in mid of the 19th century and up till now, no material can replace it.  Due to its astonishing features like security, clearance, privacy and insulation glass has been there facilitating us. Glass is such a marvelous material that it can make any place worth visiting and worth living.

Don’t you ponder upon that by just placing a small piece of some home partition in the form of glass you can add enormous value to your home? From making chandeliers and dining table to making windows and glass walls now, glass is ramping up day by day.

Glass walls are finished for giving some reflection effects and upgrading the dull and jaded looks of any place. Glass for being visually vibrant and natural assists homemakers and designers in making seamless partitions that maintains both privacies and partitions in your home. Glass wall partitions are being used in shopping malls, restaurants, bars, gyms, coffee shops, homes and even in gardens. And all these sheets are made of tempered glass panels. You must be wondering what actually the tempered glass is and why it is usually used in making glass walls.

Why Glass Walls Are Made Up Of Tempered Glass?

Wall Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a special type of glass that is made by a process called tempering or annealing. This type of glass is made by heating sand particles on high temperature then letting it cool down on some normal temperature. This slow cooldown process and some chemical or acidic reactions make this glass featured with some astonishing and desired properties. And what are those desired properties?

Those properties are strength and durability. Tempered glass panels are 10 times stronger than normal glass sheets. According to some international construction rules and some local authorities’ clauses, it is essential to use tempered glass when applying a glass sheet of more than 10-12 inches. And we all know glass walls are usually so high in length and width that tempered glass is crucial to use. You can review glass walls and partitions on online glass order shops.

Another best feature of this glass type is because it is used in making glass walls high in length and width, so it is vulnerable to be shattered easily. So for the purpose of making it shattered and damage-free by keeping in view the human safety, tempered glass is made with another level of technique. When shattered under extreme conditions instead of converting into large and sharp glass pieces it becomes tiny harmless chunks.

Trend Types – Glass Walls and Tempered Glass Doors

The trends of 2021 tempered glass walls styles are following 3 major style categories and these are followings;

Hinged; these types of walls are having one fixed panel and one free-floating. Both of these panels are attached to the upper end and one lower end and of course with each other too. As mentioned these panels are hinged together in a way that when one is working in opening or closing the other one is static supporting it.

These types of walls are usually used in full glass compartments like the entire wall is made up of glass and acts as a fixed hinged system. But a big chunk of this wall is free-floating and serves as glass door in the glass wall.

Folded: these types of glass walls are in the form of folded sheets. You can make it a wall or partition whenever needed and you can make it a fold whenever necessary. These foldable glass walls are used in highly modern and upgraded homes because for the purpose of customization. Home can look big instantly when glass partition is folded and home looks ultra-sleek when these walls are speeded over.

Sliders: We all know the glass walls that can be slide thoroughly in a particular direction. These types of walls act as both the glass wall and the glass sliding door. Sliders are readily used in showers areas, home living rooms, kitchens and dining halls.

Automated-human movement detection: Another very great use of these walls is they can be paired up with tech devices such as biometrical systems and human activity sensors. They facilitate privacy and maintenance. Large shopping malls, offices and some homes use these types of tech glass walls to make it sleek and contemporary just at the entrance.

Material Trends – Paired With Glass

The material trends of 2021 are inclined towards decent and charming enclosure wall framing. Glass walls are paired with some frames, chromes and other linings to support them and to make them chromatically vibrant. The frame colors and designs usually go in the flow of entire interior designing of the home.  Some of the hot choice by customers is aluminum, brass, and vinyl.

Aluminum: the best combination of glass walls and aluminum framing. You can use this pair in any corner of your home and it will never let you down. Aluminum being rust-free and corrosion-free offers some best insulation and covering sheets. Glass and aluminum couple can be used in various ways like a net frame of aluminum on the entire wall of glass is trendy but a huge frame of aluminum squaring the whole glass sheet is

Brass: brass framing is another level of contemporary home designing because it provides you those rough customized looks that go thoroughly balanced with the entire home.

Stainless steel: it is another good material used with glass walls for sustenance and support. Other than that another material is popular and this is vinyl, for covering glass wall edges.

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