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Best Movies For Your Self-Involvement – Time To Enjoy

Winter break is coming, and you know, you would be having a lot of free time doing absolutely nothing! Great right? But it would not be so great if you are not so sure about what to do during this whole time.

Anything suggestion? – You may ask.

Yes, there is. You may go to work and earn some money for life, or you can take your time to relax and feel more in-depth with your life.

If you did miss any movies this year because of the heavy workload from school, here is a list of 3 best movies that may allow you some self-reflection moments to bring some deep thought about life. For someone who loves to spend time thinking about life and so on, these would be the best options.


Release date: October 11

Cast: Song Kang Ho, Jang Hye Jin, Choi Woo Shik, Park So Dam

Director: Bong Joon Ho (Okja)

Genre: Whiz-bang genre pyrotechnics and nudge-nudge class critiques

What’s so great about it?

Though the name of the movie is “Parasite”, which often means an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species, the film is nothing about a strange living organism. “Parasite” is human, after all. The movie is about a low-income family that is struggling to survive tried to blend into a wealthy family. The event happens when the son of that family, Ki-woo, pretends to be a university student and apply for an English tutor job following the suggestion of his friend. The student of that job is a wealthy family’s daughter, Park Da-Hye.

He also took the opportunity to suggest his sister in as a position of an art teacher for Da-Hye’s younger sibling. His sister then tried to set up a case for the family’s driver to be fired and offer a replacement, which in turn is his father. Together they eventually made the housekeeper to be fired as well to find a job in the house for the mother, the last one of Ki-woo family. As a result, the Parks family has employed the entire Kim family without knowing that they are a family and that they don’t have any skills at all.

What happens after that is a thrilling strategy where fights and death occur, and only one member of the low-income family be able to turn back to the beginning scene after all, with all of his hopeless illusion. This may leave us deep thinking about our society today as the gap between the poor and the rich has become a headache issue for thousands of years.

Where to watch: Online (fCine) or In theatres

#2. Pain and Glory

Release date: October 4

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Asier Etxeandia

Director: Pedro Almodóvar (Talk to Her)

Genre: Drama

What’s so great about it?

While full of bright colors and passion moments, Pain and Glory is not a snappy movie. Antonio Banderas plays Salvador Mallo an ageing film director enduring a range of severe health issues in his decline. He was able to bring a soft-spoken warmth and calming quietness to a role that otherwise may struggle with any other less confident actors. This role is about an artist who has done a lot to enable him to live a life of great comfort and economic stability during his life. However, he is not yet to feel happy.

Due to the pain, he was suggested to try heroin smoking and thus, experienced instant flashbacks of his childhood and reminded him about the deepest pain in his heart. These memories have triggered his motivation to overcome his creative crisis and able to set his memories on film. With the well-done filmmakers, you can’t even take your eyes off him.

Where to watch: Online


Release date: March 1

Cast: Franz Rogowski, Paula Beer, Godehard Giese, Maryam Zaree

Director: Christian Petzold (Phoenix)

Genre: Drama, Historical Drama

What’s so great about it?

In Petzold’s beautifully weird psychological thriller, everything is slippery. Georg (Rogowski) arrives with a well-known author’s documents in Marseille. In exchange for a safe passage to Mexico, he soon finds himself pretending to be the famous man. Meanwhile, the wife of the writer (Beer) is looking for her husband in the city, crossing paths in bars and on the streets with his double. The problem of “if” produces convincing moments of confusion and asymmetry as a theoretical gambit.

On an emotional level, like a mathematical proof of an unspecified (potentially unsolvable) problem, the twists, and turns in the plot that feels slightly removed. Despite the narrative knots, Petzold’s sure-handed, clean and economic direction evokes the romance of the past and prods at present contradictions. Feeling unstuck in time has seldom been as pleasurable as it was.

Where to watch: Online (fCine.TV) or Renting

So if you are finding yourself a profound moment time to go through a meaningful winter break, spend some time of these three movies and write down any thoughts you may have for life. It may not only help you to think more about how your life is going on but also help you to become more aware of the cause and effect sequences in life. Queen Latifah once said: “The good thing about movies is that they are subjective.

You can connect to different themes depending on your perspective.” These movies can help you to experience your perspective differently and start making life-changing decisions in the future. Thus, I hope that these films can provide you with a pleasant time enjoying the long period of winter break days.

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