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The Best Eco-Friendly Projects – From Wind Turbines To Vertical Gardens

Sustainability is now at the forefront of developers’ minds as they seek to construct eco-friendly projects that are kinder to the planet. Here we explore some of the world’s leading and most innovative eco-friendly projects that boast the latest green technologies and sustainable innovations.

The best eco-friendly projects

This collection of zero-carbon homes is based in South London, UK, and is a leading eco-friendly project. Completed in 2002, this mixed-use sustainable development comprises 100 homes, office space, a college, and a host of community facilities.

Amongst the award-winning eco-friendly project’s green credentials are solar panels, energy-efficient and water-saving appliances, and even an on-site car club. The development also includes an abundance of green space, including private gardens and shared spaces to encourage a sense of community.

 One Angel Square, Manchester, UK

This landmark eco-friendly project is located in the heart of Manchester in the UK. Completed in 2013, the building is one of the most sustainable large buildings in Europe, built to a BREEAM Outstanding rating. An energy-plus building, this green building actually produces surplus energy and zero carbon emissions.

Home to the Co-operative Group, One Angel Square boasts some of the most innovative green technologies, including a rainwater harvesting and recycling system, a heat recovery system, and 300,000 square feet of exposed concrete that acts as a thermal sponge. Not only is it one of the world’s best eco-friendly projects, it also boasts a striking modern design.

The Edge, Amsterdam

Often referred to as the world’s greenest office building, this eco-friendly project is based in the bustling city of Amsterdam. Designed for the global financial firm Deloitte, The Edge boasts a raft of leading green credentials, making it one of the most innovative buildings in the world.

This building is not only energy neutral, but also energy positive. Its roof boasts the largest array of photovoltaic panels, while an aquifer thermal energy storage system provides all the energy required for heating and cooling. Smart technology constantly measures occupancy, movement, lighting levels, humidity, and temperature to ensure maximum efficiency.

Portier Cove, Monaco

One of Europe’s most ambitious eco-friendly projects, this leading development is currently under construction and is set to be completed by 2025. Based in Monaco, the land reclamation project will expand the city state by some six hectares and will feature super prime apartments, villas, retail space, a marina, a promenade, and green open spaces.

Portier Cove will be Monaco’s first eco-district and has been designed specifically in line with the principality’s goal to be completely carbon-neutral by 2050. Amongst its many green credentials are rain recovery systems, e-bike stations, and solar energy panels.

Bahrain World Trade Center, Bahrain

This award-winning building’s green credentials are immediately evident, with three wind turbines perched on its exterior. Inspired by Arabian wind towers, the Bahrain World Trade Center’s wind turbines generate around 15% of the building’s electricity needs, while other sustainable features include water recycling, thermal insulation, reflection pools for evaporative cooling, and thermal glass with a low solar gain.

This eco-friendly project has won several awards for the incorporation of renewable energy into its design, including the 2009 NOVA Award in Innovation.

Tree House, Singapore

Featuring the world’s largest vertical garden, this spectacular eco-friendly project was completed in 2013 and is located in Singapore’s District 23. A 24-storey apartment building, the Tree House features a raft of state-of-the-art sustainable features, while its breathtaking vertical garden reduces the buildings carbon footprint, cutting heat absorption and providing significant energy and water savings per year.

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