Alternative Ways To Heat Your Home In Winter

When it comes to keeping warm in winter, it doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner or in a rental. What you’re more concerned about is how to stay warm. Winter can make a home an undesirable place to be. To have that maximum comfort and warmth during the cold season, you are not only considering the alternative ways you can heat your home but undoubtedly, you’re also concerned about the cost.

To make your options easier to choose, we’ve gathered some vital information on the available alternative you could choose from to get your home heated in winter with details on their working principles and their cost on your budget.

The Use of a Wood Stove

There was a time when this type of heating alternative was everyone’s choice. It can largely attribute to its cost. The primary thing that will be of cost here is the acquisition of the stove. But for most people in the countryside, the use of wood stove as a heating alternative will be an excellent option for them. That is because wood can be acquired at no cost at all. No need for expensive electric heating systems like radiators and radiator covers.

It is a cheap form of heating the house in winter. But the major downside to this option is the risk it poses to health. Smoke is a dangerous hazard to the human body. And if you’re considering this as an option, then you must follow the safety guidelines for its installation and be involved in the care and maintenance of feeding it with fuel, i.e. wood and cleaning it to get rid of the ashes.

The Use Of Solar

This option is perfect for those who are concerned about energy depletion. As the name implies, the solar heating alternative makes use of energy from the sun to provide the heating system. It warms your house the same way electricity, oil, or gas would. The only difference is that it uses the energy it absorbs from the sun rays.

The panels are installed outside the house where the sun rays can hit them, preferably on the roof or on walls. A lot of homeowners and even rental houses have been making the installation of solar panels. It is both renewable and economical, which makes it an ideal option for most homeowners.

The use of Geothermal

This alternative uses underground heat to provide the right temperature for your home. The use of geothermal as an alternative to heating your home is made possible through the connection of pumps underground.

This cannot be done by yourself, and you’ll need the expertise of professionals for the Installations. Installation cost is high, but it provides a lasting benefit to your housing needs by providing an even distribution of warmth to your home during winter.

The use of Radiant Heat

The radiant flooring heat system is a convenient home heating system that is installed under the floor of your home. Through this technology, less energy is used to supply home with maximum warmth.

With the installation of the radiant floor heat, you get to arrange your furniture where you deem fit without having to move them away.

Although this system is preferably installed when constructing a home, it can also be installed in old homes too. With recent advancements in technology, apart from installing them underfloor, they can also be installed in walls and ceilings.

 The use of a Hybrid Heating System

A hybrid heating system is a combination of gas and electricity to provide comfort for your home. It is cost-effective and energy-efficient. It works all year round by responding to the change in the temperature.

It is so efficient that when it senses the rise in temperature, it pumps more heat into your home for maximum comfort. With the hybrid heating system, it provides you with heat in winter and cools your home in the summer.


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