How To Prepare Your Home For Cement Siding

After a while, cement siding can start to look a little worse for wear. If you’ve lived in your home for a long time or you’ve moved into an old home, the siding may not look good.

Alternatively, you may not have any siding at all. Some homes have brickwork rather than siding. Unfortunately, brickwork does not always offer your home the protection it needs. Additionally, it may not look as good as cement siding.

So, let’s take a look at what you need to do to prepare your home.

Remove Any Plants That Are In The Way

Before someone comes to your home to add the siding, it would make sense to remove any plants that are in the way.

You can simply dig the plants up and temporarily place them in pots, should you wish to. You should also consider watering the plants so that they don’t feel too aggrieved about the move.

Trees could be pruned a little. Just make sure that you prune the trees no more than a third. The canopy should still have a lot to it.

If you’re removing large shrubs, make sure that there are no birds nesting in them first. Depending on the time of year your siding is being added, birds might have made a nest.

Remove Old Nails and Rotten Wood

Chances are, it will be hard to add any fiber cement siding if there are any nails in the way. Have a good look around your home’s exterior and check for nails.

Some people like to add a trellis so that plants can grow up the wall. Nails are required to add the trellis, so make sure you take a close look. Nails can be added for other reasons too so it makes sense to check.

Shutters May Need To Be Removed

If you are fortunate to have external shutters, be aware that they may need to be removed. Ask someone from the company that’s coming to install the cement siding if this is the case. When someone comes to your home to assess how much siding you need they’re likely to mention shutters and possibly window ledges.

If shutters or ledges are not removed, it could impede progress. Some companies will remove these for you before they install the siding. However, it’s always best to ask just in case your chosen company won’t.

Easy Access May Be Required

Regardless of how large or small your home is, easy access may be required. Those who are coming to add your cement siding will need to carry out the work unimpeded. Therefore, you may need to move cars, motorbikes, or any other vehicles so access can be gained.

You may also need to move any storage containers and anything else that could be in the way. Try not to leave this until the day the siding is added. Moving everything could take more time than you think.

The above tips can help you to prepare your home for cement siding so there’s less of a delay. As a result, your new siding may be added quicker. Your home could look better sooner rather than later.

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