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What Accessories are Useful for ID Cards?

Identity cards are a fantastic way to increase the security and overall efficiency of your workplace, building or club. By introducing a secure system that guarantees the whereabouts of any and all personnel passing through your doors, you’ll be refining your company as a whole! The many bonuses of identity cards are only elevated by taking it one step further, how do you take it to the next level? ID card accessories are your answer. There is no question in the functionality of added accessories when it comes to ID cards. Here are the differing benefits of every ID card accessory option:


Lapels, clips and pins might be subtle, but they’re actually amazingly useful. By using a lapel to secure an ID card, you’re ensuring that your staffs’ identity and affinity is presented at all times. Pinning cards to outerwear also means that the risk of lost, damaged or stolen cards is minimised, as it’s on your personnel’s person, it’s unlikely to be misplaced. This is a great option if your company requires the presentation of identity at all times, especially in large buildings with multiple businesses on every floor! For a savvy investment in your business’ security, consider lapels.


Incorporating lanyards into your business’ security system is both cost-effective and highly efficient. Lanyards are simple, quickly removable and very functional. This option is best for buildings with busy, bustling entrances when ID cards need to be on display and accessible. Lanyards are also a fantastic way to introduce some organisation into your lobby, you can buy ready printed styles with “staff”, “visitor” or “security’ in big bold letters. This will mean that everyone is immediately identifiable, and anyone who does not have authorised access will be very obvious. You can even take this one step further and have your lanyards customised with your logo, this will encourage company affinity, make your staff stand out and they’re actually a touch of potential free marketing for your business!

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Badge Reels

Retractable badge reels are perfect for high pressure or fast-moving environments. This can include airports, hospitals and government buildings. They’re great for buildings that experience hustle and bustle because they enable the quick and easy presentation or scanning of identity cards with minimal effort. Reels are also good for holding proximity cards that allow access, time tracking or security features whilst also displaying the identity of the holder. Just the same as with lanyards, you can customise these badge reels for an added professional impact. The retractability of reels means that your staff attach their cards wherever they like, the hip and collar are the most common!

Card Holders

Card holders are simple and protective for any type of card. They’re particularly useful for identity cards, as they keep them safe and avoid any damage. A solid, clear holder is great when used in conjunction with lapels or lanyards, as its an extra layer of protection against the elements when your staff are out and about. Maybe your building uses more than one security system? You can find a rigid ID card holder that’s able to stash away multiple cards! Again, this is better for larger corporate environments that have a more complicated system.

Lapels, lanyards, holders and reels are all incredibly useful when paired with any kind of identification or security card. Your accessory choice should rest on the size of your business, they type of system that you use and the nature of the environment. Consider these factors and you can feel confident that you’ll be making the best choice for your unique company.

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