Can One Access Dark Web On The Smartphones?

Dark Web Links : Dark Web (Darknet) stands as the most debated topic in the past couple of years and is still continuing. What the basics say is that the whole of the internet has been divided into two major parts – the clearnet/surface web and the Deep Web. Deep web has a subset that comprises of only 0.01% of the total Deep web and has been identified as the dark web. Whatever you surf on the search engines is merely 4% of the total internet that belongs to the clearnet and contains websites that are indexed by the search engines. On the contrary, anything located on the dark web and the deep web is not indexed whatsoever making the particular segment to be mostly in use for security purposes.

Dark Web and Smartphones : Dark Web Links

Dark Web has progressed so much now that it is no longer limited to the computers and desktops. Rather darknet has moved a step further gaining access on the smartphones. Now looking back few years, say about a decade, smartphones did not existed; rather phones existed just as a means of communication through receiving and sending calls. This was followed by SMS or Short Media Messages and then the MMS or Multi Media Messages. Finally, internet was included in the phones or mobiles making it smartphones.

Since the mobiles turned into Smartphones, it has taken the world into a different level altogether. People have started to use the smartphones rigorously, which have drawn the attention of the marketers and business personnel to take advantage for their businesses implementing the smartphones. Dark Web Links can now be accessed through the smartphones anytime and every time.

Basics of Dark Web Access Utilizing the Smartphones

Dark Web, as we all know, contains a group of dark web links and deep web links forming dark web directories and deep web directories respectively. This together forms the Tor .onion urls directories. All of these links cannot be accessed through the basic search engines and browsers that we user on a daily basis for our own purpose. Thus, to access these .onion links you need to use the Tor browser.

  • Limitations for Accessing Best Dark Web Websites on Smartphones

There is no wonder that accessing the dark net links will come with certain limitations. With this we can refer to the Apple’s iOS being not compliant with the access of .onion sites links. This is due to the fact that the draconian App Store has set up a couple of rules that does not permit the use of any apps to access the .onion hidden links. Thus, as of now only Android based smartphones can access the dark web links and deep web links. This might be a little problematic for the iOS owners but in general this isn’t as big a problem as it seems since, the number of android users is much more as compared to the iOS users.

  • Apps Required for Accessing Dark Web Links on the Smartphones

Initially when the access of the deep web links was made legal on the Android smartphones, the users actually needed two different apps in order to access the TOR browser on the smartphones. With this, the other app that requires installation is the Orbot Tor Proxy that helps you to connect to the Tor browser. What Orbot Tor Proxy does is it creates a proxy profile on your Smartphone which the other apps and system services can use to route all traffic. But lately it has been found that Orbot is not all to get the access.

  • What is Wrong with Orbot?

If you closely monitor the reviews of the Orbot Tor Proxy off late, you will be able to tell that the things doesn’t look great with the app. There are a lot of performance related issues people have come up with that has been accompanied by the negative comments related to the privacy. As per most of the users reviewing the Orbot Tor Proxy, it is not as reliable as it should have been or well-maintained. The best part is that now Tor no longer requires the support of Orbot Tor Proxy.

  • The Extra Layer of Protection – VPN

If you are running Tor browser on your Smartphone, you still need a VPN to access the hidden wiki links. Tor browser works fine without VPN. But having a VPN will help you stay anonymous by hiding your ISP. It will make it impossible to track things such as session times, data volumes and activity on Tor. If you are connecting your Smartphone to any public network, then possessing a reputable premium VPN is highly recommended.

How to Access Dark Web on the Smartphones

Below are the steps that you have to follow so that you can access all the .onion sites links from your Smartphone:

  • The first step is that you have to install Tor browser from the Play Store.
  • Then you have to have a VPN service installed on your Smartphone. Now launch your VPN and quickly establish a connection to any of the nearest VPN server location.
  • Now, start the Tor browser app from the launcher.
  • If you are using the Tor browser app for the first time, you can go through a short tutorial that is provided in the initial when you first open your Tor browser. Once you are familiar with the procedure, click on the “connect” and wait for some time to let you know that you are on the right track.
  • It is recommended before you jump off to the actual site you want to visit, try visiting some of the other less-harmful websites like the .onion links of Facebook. If the method works, then you are good to go.

This is all about if you can access the dark web via any Smartphone and if you can do then what is the exact procedure to do so. At the end, your safety is in your hand so you have to be careful before taking any major steps.

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