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A Basic Guide to Using Instagram

Instagram is a well-known social media platform that the majority of the population shares their life through digital content. On the initial level, Instagram was a very small platform where people could only share their photography skills and get likes on it. However, the whole mechanism of Instagram has changed since the past few years where Instagram has introduced new and modified features such as stories, story highlights, main feed, tagged pictures, many other features. All in all, Instagram is a very complex form of media to use this most of the newcomers nowadays find it very hard to engage in Instagram, which is why we have made this detailed guide for beginners so they could easily understand and use Instagram such as how to see every photo someone likes on Instagram or see who someone followed recently on Instagram.

Signing Up to Instagram

The first major step is to sign up to the platform and see others’ activity on Instagram. Firstly, fill up the email as well as a password. Make sure to keep a secure password and a password that you could easily remember. At this step, you need to choose a username. While choosing your username, make sure it is meaningful as well as available. After the username, you have completed the process; you still need to enter a few details like your birthday and your bio. However, it is not necessary that moment you can fill it up later as well. This is all you need to do to make an account to post and check likes on Instagram. Every day, millions of people see someone’s liked posts on Instagram and comment on other people’s pictures.

Posting on Instagram

There are various times options regarding posting on your Instagram feed. First of all, there are two options to post. The first one is posting a picture and the second one is to post a video. The video should not be more than 30 seconds; otherwise, it would go on the new feature of Instagram known as IGTV.

The second thing to consider about posting is where you want to post. There are mainly three options Instagram gives you where you can easily post content and videos. The first posting on the actual feed. The second one is posting pictures or videos on your stories as well as adding them to your highlights. The third option is to post your content on IGTV if it is longer than the initial short video format.

How to Post on Instagram?

  • If you are going to post on the feed, then you need to click the + sign at the bottom of your feed, then choose the picture or the video you like and click the arrow sign on the right side of the screen. This will send you a new window where you need to put the caption with other various options such as adding the location and tagging the people in the picture. Click the tick option on the right corner, and your content is posted on your feed.
  • If you want to post on your story, then all you need to do is go to the homepage then slide to the right. Here you see will see a camera. You can easily click a photo on the spot. There are lots of incredible filters available as well that you can use to click a picture. Moreover, if you want to post an already existing photo in your gallery then click the gallery option on the bottom left side.
  • Once you are satisfied with the picture, all you have to do is click the send-to button and post on your story. This is where you can also add a photo to your highlights by clicking on the bottom ‘ highlight button’. Moreover, you can even slide up your stories to see friends’ activity on Instagram stories posted by you.


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