9 Tech Innovations of the Century

Our life has always been under a constant change, which is primarily powered by technology and people’s link with these shifting technologies. Up until nearly twenty years past, smartphones, video conferencing, tiny computers, and instant messaging were all still whimsical science fiction discoveries. But today, they are so omnipresent that people barely give them a second thought.

What about all of those stylish gadgets that science fiction, movies, and television assured us? Some of them are robot fighters, bionic body parts, and flying cars. Whether you believe it or not, few of them are real – and they are primed to form the markets of the future.

While the technology innovations are commonplace today, only a few decades ago, they were immeasurable. This article highlights a glimpse of the technological inventions and innovations that smart companies brought to life in our time. Here are nine of them.

Social Media

Ok, let’s begin with the most evident and controversial one, social media. You might be worn out by the endless risks to your privacy and security. Or you might become uninterested in witnessing your colleagues’ myriad posts. But at one end, social media brought a truly sensational pledge; that’s to connect millions of individuals across the world.

Platforms such as MySpace and Friendster got into the scene from around 2002 to 2003, which opened the doors for the ultimate titan Facebook.

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR)

Until these moments, we don’t know and understand how virtual reality works. But along the way, various technologies have gotten us to realize that using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), mixed reality, and sensor technologies can help businesses enhance and develop their operational efficiency.

Cellular Phones

From relationships to battles, communication has always been a key to victory. The difference between the modern phones, which provide an untethered and immediate connection to the antiquated paper-and-pen practice is nothing short of amazing.

It’s not only messages and calls these cell phones are great for; they also provide a veritable feast of computer access right at your fingertips.

3D Printing

3D printing technology has stirred practically all fields of people’s lives. Through the use of 3D printers, businesses, and organizations provide products on-demand.

Mobile Operating Systems

Try to envision where you would be now without the easy to use operating systems (OS) on your phone. Whether you use Android or Apple’s iOS, OS alter your mobile device’s interface for better usage. It unlocks the entry to more great technological innovations and better user experiences.


This application software did not only make verbal communication feasible via computers. Most remarkably, it steered in the era of video chat.

The prevalent accessibility of video chat brought about by Skype had a massive influence on many people and their lives. It offered access to a live visual encounter with people who were physically distant. Skype connected two faraway sides of the world, reducing the scope of oceans.

Nokia 3210

Nokia 3210 did more than just bring in the cell phone to fresh spectators. It also set up a few crucial standards as it is deemed to be the first cell phone with an inhouse antenna. It’s also the first one to come with preloaded games like Snake. People even commended the phone for its clear reception and long battery life.

Apple iPod

Sure, there were MP3 players even before the iPod existed, but it was Apple’s runaway success that persuaded music fans to modernize from their CD players. The iPod’s worth stretches further than music. It’s an entire generation’s primer to Apple’s smooth marketing and easy-to-use products.

Personal Computers

No list of the “tech innovations of the century” is ever complete without the presence of personal computers. Although it’s a farfetched machine, it’s far too bulky for any home. The innovation of the personal computer (PC) transpired in the 1970s. Starting at that moment, it has continually transformed the entire world.


Humans are, indeed, a creative and innovative bunch. We keep coming up with fabulous gadgets and inventions that make our lives more at ease — or just more exciting! With the rapid growth of modern technologies and progressively ingenious applications of these techs, we see that tomorrow has a lot more bombshells in store.


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