7 Effective Ways Of Exterminating Termites In Your Home

We strive all of your lives to buy ourselves a home where we can seek comfort and shelter from the maladies of the outside world. But, there are some uninvited guests called pests who invade our private spaces to look for the same comfort and warmth. While some of them live without disrupting your life, and some have the capability to run wild and destroy the valuable wooden articles of your precious home.

Watching your favorite bookshelves deteriorating every day can be a stress on your growing mind, you might have heard that termites are the most stubborn insect. I don’t know why, but they just love wood and like any lover, wood would never hesitate to present its finest part to them. Whatever the love affairs are among these two, you only need to be a culprit here. In this article, I would try to share a few exceptionally incredible tips for clearing up the termite in your house.

Many people will think, why do you need to clean them? Cannot we just throw that article away? read more, for finding the answer.

Take Them For A Sunbath:

If you are looking for an incredibly cheap way to exterminate termites, take the infested pieces of furniture out in the sunlight because termites cannot withstand high heat environments. Be patient with this strategy and leave the infested articles out for a few days so that the termites can be effectively baked to death.

Freeze Them To Death:

Like high temperature, termites are not capable of handling incredibly low temperatures as they become inactive and eventually die in such environments. Therefore, you can eliminate termites from infested articles either by putting the items in the freezer or by using liquid nitrogen to freeze them to death right at the spot.

Cardboard Trap:

One of the most popular and convenient ways of getting rid of termites is using a cardboard trap. All you have to do is take a piece of cardboard, soak it in water and place it adjacent to the infested area such that it is touching the infested piece of wood. As termites love to feed on cellulose, they will move to the cardboard in a few hours. Once the cardboard is infested, take it outside and burn it. Repeat the process multiple times to ensure holistic termite extermination.

Boric Acid:

Boric acid is another effective way of getting rid of termites because it attacks the nervous system of the termites and shuts them down for good. All you have to do is make a solution of boric acid and spray it on the infested areas. Leave it for a few hours and then repeat the whole process until all the termites are exterminated.

Get Rid Of Wooden Mulch:

One of the ways of exterminating termites is by getting rid of all attracting material present in your home, and there is nothing more attractive to termites than the wooden mulch. Therefore, get rid of any wooden mulch that is lying around your house. In case you need it, then place it away from the main structure of your home.

Use Orange Oil:

Orange oil is another convenient way of getting rid of termites because all you have to do is make a solution of orange juice and inject it in the holes often created by termites in the infested wooden articles.


You can also put the food chain at work by introducing nematodes on the infested areas because they prey on garden pests, including termites, and are not harmful to human beings. They operate by searching for hosts and then burrow into them. If utilized correctly, they have the capability to target the whole colonies of termites and eliminate their existence within 48 hours.

Termites are one of the most devastating pests in the world because they attack your most valuable wooden possession without leaving any obvious trail. Therefore, you must follow various preventative measures to keep them at bay, and it is also essential to know how to get rid of termites in case you face an infestation. For your convenience, we have discussed here seven effective ways of exterminating termites so that you do not have to pay experts to get rid of them.


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