Appliances Worthy of Being in Your Smart Kitchen

It’s a new year, and who would’ve thought there would come a time when you could talk to your kitchen appliances? As weird as it may sound, it’s now a reality. Over the last decade, technology has grown exponentially; we’re talking smartphones, smartwatches, entering your home and saying, ‘Hey Alexa could you turn the lights on?’, and something called Smart Kitchens.

We’re all aware of how easy life has become since the introduction of smartphones, it’s everything you need in the palm of your hand. Smart Homes are just like that; a voice assistant that controls pretty much everything from your lights and heating system to your home appliances, smart automated door locks, smart sprinklers, you name it. And if you’re looking for any of these then First energy can help you find it.

So what are Smart Kitchens? Wi-Fi enabled devices, cool technology, and sleek designs are probably what you think about? And that’s absolutely correct because a Smart Kitchen has all these things and more. Most of all, it will save you so much time. Don’t want to do the dishes? Don’t want to constantly check the roast in the oven? Don’t want to stand near the stove waiting on the fries? No problem!

Here are some of the more popular smart kitchen appliances that come in handy.

Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer

Invented in 2010, this innovative appliance is going to be your favorite. With growing health concerns over deep-fried foods, an Air Fryer is the best kitchen appliance that you can invest in. It allows you to cut down around 75% of the oil in your food. No more deep-fried French fries and nuggets, and no more guilt over too much ‘fried food’ because it’s not. From pizzas to kebabs, to frozen foods and even cookies; you can fry pretty much anything. Just press a few buttons, and voila! No need to hover around the stove watching your food so it doesn’t burn.

The Cosori Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer is one of the top air fryers on the market, allowing you to cook up to 6 pounds of food at once. It uses the VeSync App (available on Play Store and the App Store) which is enabled through your Wi-Fi and can be synced with Alexa for voice control.

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Coffee is the best pick-me-up to start the day. How great would it be to not have to wait outside a coffee shop every morning before work?

You have your answer – the Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee maker! Synced with Alexa, all you have to do is pick up your phone or wander near your Alexa and leave a voice command, and there you go. While you get ready for work, your coffee’s brewing and ready and waiting when you need it. No more waiting in lines or spending extra money, and the best part, your coffee won’t make you late for work.

Zwilling Enfinigy Power Blender

If you’re a smoothie lover, then this blender is perfect.

This appliance blends anything from fruits and vegetables, down to nuts. It’s got 6 program settings, so you can make ice-cream for the kids, or cocktails to entertain your friends, and even smoothies when you need that hangover cure the next morning. Magical! Though it isn’t Wi-Fi enabled, it is the power blender of every cook’s dream.

June Oven

Again, this is also every cook’s dream – the 12-in-1 countertop June Oven. It’s a kitchen companion that you definitely need in your life.

This appliance operates as a conventional oven, an air fryer, a slow cooker, a roaster, a grill, a warming drawer to keep the food warm and fresh, a toaster, and a broiler. Now think, why isn’t this already in your kitchen? For all the chefs out there, this should’ve been on your Christmas list. But seriously, who wouldn’t want to cook and experiment when this is in your kitchen?

Family Hub

Looks like Samsung did it again with their line of Smart Refrigerators, the Family Hub is what you’re going to want in your kitchen. These sleek, magnificent appliances come in 4 different styles so you have a variety to select from.

These refrigerators come with a massive screen on the door that serves a multitude of functions. The software is compatible with your mobile devices, PCs, and tablets; according to their website, it’s compatible with around 5000 products and services. You can browse recipes, set the timer to other kitchen appliances without having to do so individually, and you can also watch TV on the screen! How convenient is that? And how do you not have one of these in your kitchens yet?

LG STUDIO Top Control Dishwasher

With everybody’s busy schedule these days, who has time to do the dishes? Yes, it’s always good to help with chores around the house but having a dishwasher makes life easier. LG’s Top Control Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Dishwasher is the appliance to get when looking for a good dishwasher. Pricey sure, but call it an investment. That’s because once you download the compatible app, ThinQ, you’re in for a surprise. The app alerts you to potential problems so that you can take action to fix it. It gives you tips on how to maintain your appliance too. But the best part is that there are no pre-washing dishes! Just pop them in and let the dishwasher work its magic. No water spots, no tough food spots left on the dishes, and certainly no breakage of any of your fragile glass items.

Kitchens are an integral part of every household, so imagine how amazing a Smart Kitchen would be. Appliances synced to your mobile devices and compatible with your voice assistants mean more quality time with the family because with just the click of a button or a voice command your work is already half done. In today’s world, almost everything we do requires Wi-Fi, so why not install appliances that are Wi-Fi enabled? Life is getting tougher as-is, make your home more comfortable with a Smart Kitchen.

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