6 Tips To Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

Perhaps a positive aspect of limited spaces in homes is that they inspire creativity and ingenuity. When space is at a premium, you are forced to think out of the box, explore unconventional solutions, and make the most of what you have.

The same idea of innovation and ingenuity extends to making your small home feel more spacious. Exploring creative solutions and efficient design ideas for houses is particularly essential for places like Rockwall, TX, where you can find cozy homes with compact layouts.

So, here are some tried and tested ways of making your house look spacious without changing things entirely. Let’s dive in to learn those ways.

Keep extra belongings in a storage unit

The first way to make your existing space look bigger is by reducing the items you have in the house. You can remove the extra stuff in the house by stowing them away in a storage unit. Remember, we are not talking about renting a storage unit for keeping discarded and unnecessary stuff. But, you need a storage unit to keep belonging that are not regularly needed in the house.

Removing extra stuff from the house will make it clutter-free and its layout more streamlined. Additionally, storing items of occasional use in a storage unit also enables you to make space for more essential, everyday-use items.

Consider your area’s weather when renting a storage unit in your locality. Opt for a temperature-controlled unit if you live in a place like Rockwall, with a humid and subtropical climate. The summers are hot, with the temperature reaching as high as 95F. A temperature-controlled storage Rockwall facility will keep your belongings safe from the adverse effects of the outside temperature by maintaining the storage unit’s temperature at an optimal level. You can choose a storage unit of various sizes based on the amount of your stuff and keep it safe.

Simplify the decor of your house

Often the décor of the house is the biggest culprit in making it look cluttered. By simplifying the decor, you can create a feeling that your house is more spacious. When considering new additions for your house, think about their purpose and if you have anything similar in the house. This conscious attitude can prevent unnecessary accumulation.

In addition, embrace the concept of negative space, which involves purposefully leaving spaces empty and not decorated in the house. By intentionally leaving walls and the areas between the furniture pieces and furnishings empty, you can bring attention to what is present.

One of the highlighting benefits of negative space in the house is that it enhances the interplay of natural light. This way, you allow it to move freely, reflect off surfaces, and illuminate the room more effectively.

Choose the size of the furniture wisely

The size of the furniture plays a crucial role in making your house feel more roomy, especially a small one. A small area feels subjugated by bulky or large furniture and looks confined and restricted.

The furniture should also not be small or unsuitable for use. It should just be the appropriate size to make your room feel balanced according to its size.

Opt for furniture that fits well within the dimensions of the space. Prefer pieces with sleek and clean lines and a minimalist design. These furniture pieces allow the eye to move more freely around the room.

You can go for furniture with raised legs to make your room look open and airy by allowing more of the floor to be visible.

Lastly, understand that it is not just about the individual furniture pieces but how they work together to create a well-adjusted arrangement. By wisely choosing furniture that aligns with the layout and size of your room or house, you can create a living environment that is visually spacious and well-proportioned.

Repaint your house

As time passes, paint in the house can become worn, chipped, and faded, making your property look neglected and attenuating its visual appeal.

If you have walls with imperfect and outdated paint, they can draw attention to imperfections, making the space feel confined and overused.

On the contrary, recoating the walls with new paint has the opposite effect. This effect accentuates even more when you use light and neutral hues, reflecting maximum natural and artificial light. As a result, your house feels brighter. This brightness, combined with clean and uniform paint, gives the impression of openness to your home.

All in all, applying a fresh coat of paint can remove imperfections and erase the tired appearance of the old paint. As a result, you allow your space to breathe, feel renewed, and ultimately appear more spacious and inviting.

Hang drapes from right under the ceiling

One common mistake people make in their houses is hanging drapes from the window’s top instead of just below the ceiling. Hanging drapes that stretch from ceiling to floor not only makes your space look elegant but also add drama. This arrangement tricks your perception and creates the illusion of higher ceilings. The stretched-out vertical lines draw the gaze upward, giving the impression that the room has more height than it actually does. Therefore, hanging drapes this way make your room look spacious, airy, and open. This approach is particularly useful with limited space.

In addition to the manner of hanging drapes, their color also contributes to creating an illusion of openness in a room. Draperies in light or neutral tones maximize the impression of height and keep the space feeling airy. Using the right color and hanging the drapes correctly can bring grandeur and spaciousness to your living space.

Be consistent in décor

When maximizing your small space, ensure that the décor in your house is consistent. Patchy design and décor ideas can make a room look smaller and more limited.

On the contrary, synchronizing various décor elements can streamline the optical flow throughout your home. By avoiding sudden changes in design and features, you can create a suave transition from one room to another. Ultimately, this strategy prevents your eyes from experiencing jarring contrasts.

Consistency in décor, such as theme, color palette, or style, promotes cohesiveness, making your house look roomy and unified.

You can achieve consistency in your house décor by coordinating colors, repeating patterns, or adopting a particular design style. However, when choosing the décor element, focus on the fact that you have to establish a balanced backdrop instead of making your space boring. Therefore, select style elements that highlight the unique aspects of your space without creating a fragmented look.


Making your house look more spacious goes beyond its physical dimensions and area. You must find ways to make your limited space open and roomy. Some of the ways to make your house feel expansive are mentioned above. Ways like hanging drapes from under the ceiling and using light color paint involve playing a trick on your perception, creating the feel that your house is bigger than it actually is. They are not costly but can bring a big change to your house.

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