5 Wireless Headphones with Best Technology

Wireless headphones have been a popular buy for many years now and with advancement in wireless technology, driver technology and battery life, today the market is swamped with an overwhelming variety of wireless headphones. You can choose a set depending on your shape and size preferences, and budget of course.

A discount code for Gearbest can help you save when you shop for the latest wireless headphones in the market. With the latest wireless headphones, you can enjoy your exercise on the treadmill while listening to your favorite audio tracks or tune into the latest podcasts while traveling to work. Here are some of the leading wireless headphones that you can choose from:

  1. Sony WH1000XM3: As far as audio quality and noise canceling go, Sony scores far ahead of its competitors. This model has a vibrant sound and the battery life can last up to 30 hours when fully charged. The noise cancellation feature is almost at par with that offered by Bose models. Touch controls are quite impressive and you can even hold your hand on the right ear cup to be able to listen to outside sound. The Quick Listen feature mutes the audio, allowing you to hear what is happening outside, while the Ambient Sound feature offers a similar function while you continue to hear your own music.

  2. Bose Noise Cancelling 700: Advanced microphone array and digital signal processing enables the Bose’s latest model to restrict the background noise, ensuring that you can focus on the voice exclusively. So, in terms of call quality, this latest offering from Bose is perhaps the best in the market. The DSP and special microphones along with the noise-cancelling feature allow you to feel like you are in a completely quiet place, even when you may be moving about. Besides, the model also boasts of better battery life, greater comfort, and exceptional sound quality, making it perfect for business purposes.

  3. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless: While the noise-canceling and top-of-the-line sound quality may not be as good as the models from Bose or Sony, Sennheiser of the third-generation comes in a gorgeous design with superior sound quality. The over-ears design resembles the studio headphones of yesteryears, with plush leather ear-pads and tough stainless steel finish. The in-house tuning is perfect and you can often hear your favorite records with more in-depth detailing. When unfolded, it automatically powers up and pairs with a source. When it detects that it is being removed or put on the head, it will pause automatically or resume the playback as fit.

  4. 1More Stylish True Wireless: These ear buds fit perfectly into your ears and the silicone-make ensures that they stay secure for everyone. The sound quality is superior and the AptX-powered ear buds provide a punchy bass which is quite impressive given the size of the headphones. When you buy this model you can expect outstanding comfort, quality of sound and great battery life. There is no fancy design, however the ear pieces are lightweight and compact, catering to a minimalist aesthetic. Each ear phone comes with a physical control button and an indicator light. On buying this model you will be provided with 3 pairs each of ear wings and ear tips, a plastic pouch to carry them and a micro-USB cable for charging. Buttons on ear buds are for answering or rejecting calls, calling the voiced assistant on a smartphone and controlling music playback.

  5. Master & Dynamic MW50+: This is a classy model padded with soft lamb skin; it is built upon a metal frame and has high-end 40mm beryllium drivers. This model scores high on aesthetics, battery life, and comes with a 2-year warranty. This wireless headphone model is likely to offer you a premium sound experience, especially when you use the on-ear pads. The on-ears guarantee a better audio experience for short listening sessions while over-ears are designed for longer sessions.

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